Oriental Rose Service Team: 2017-2018 inaugural Ceremony and charity auction dinner was held successfully

Oriental Rose Service Team: & NBSP; The 2017-2018 inaugural Ceremony and charity auction dinner was held smoothly

On August 28, 2017, the inaugural cerinaugural是什么意思emony and charity auction dinner for the 2017-2018 annual transition of Shenzhen Lions Club Oriental Rose Service team was held on the first floor of Shangmeilin Quanfu Restaurant in Futian District. Lions Club of Shenzhen 2017-2018 President Tian Xingxing, President Wu Xiaoming, First Vice President Ma Min,rosemary Second Vice Prerose怎么读sident Weng Hua, former President Sha Haiyu, Vice President Liao Ronghui, Secretary Generceremonyal Zeng Shiyang, Chief Executive Penrose的农村生活g Daojian, Chief Inspector Deng Yi, Regional Chairman Zheng Guoping, Wang Yoriental有歧视东方的意思吗an, Hu Wei, 230 people, including division chairman Dai Jihong, Wu Yuqiong, Xu Qiubin, Lian Wei, Tan Fei, Huang Shaofang, Wen Yaoli, Huang Lisheng, eastern Rose Service team leader Wei Xinxin, previous team leader Lin Yuqi, team leader Lai Xinyou, attended the party. The gala was hosted by Wu Jian, head of the Shenzhen Lions Club Art Trcharityoupe, and Gao Chenhan, weather anchor of Shenzhen TV station.

Under the witness of Tian Wangxing president, Wu Xiaoming Suinaugural addresspervisor, Weng Hua second Vice Presidenteamprot, Zeng Srose朴彩英壁纸hiyang secretary general and other leaceremony同义词deinaugural是什么意思rs of lion friends, Lin Yuqi will be the team leader ribbon handed over to Wei Xinxin. Wei Xinxin, leceremony造句ader of the Oriental Rose Service Team, introduced the 2017-2018 work plan and the annual slogan ofceremony同义词 "Serve the future, enjoy the roses". The liveceremony造句 acharity是什么意思uction raised 140,000 yuan.

President Tiservicean Wangxing presrose朴彩英壁纸ented thinaugurale 2017-2018 president flag to Lions Club of Shenzhen and Comet Lions Club of Pusan 355-A.

The atmosphere was very warrose的农村生活m fservice翻译orinaugural address翻译中英对照 Chinese and Korean lioceremony怎么读ns who celebrated their birthdays in Augusceremony造句t.

Article/photo & have spent Eastern Roseorientalism Service team

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