The right Way Service Team: held the preparatory meeting and the second regular meeting for the inauguration Ceremony of the 2017-2018 election

The right Way Service Team: held the preparatory meeting and the second regular meeting for the inauguration Ceremony of the 2017-2018 election

Osecond缩写n August 27, 2017, the preparatory meeting and the second regular meeting of the inaugural cererightmony of the 2017-2018 inauguration of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held in D301, Huabao 1, Fumeetingtencentcomtian Free Trade Zone. 19 people attended the meeting, including li Xuegang, the captain of the righright怎么读英语t way service team of Shenzhen Lions Club, Li Shuai,service和serve的区别 the first vice captain Qiservice翻译u Hongying, the second vice蛙泳怎么游得快又轻松 captameeting是什么意思中文翻译in Du Taozhe, the third vice captaiservice是什么故障灯n Chen Gang, the secretar瓦窑堡会议y Liu Guotai Shi Brotherregular, haregularizationn Honghua, the treasurer, Liu Huiqin and the director Zhang Aiming. The meeting was presided over by Du Taozhe.

At the preright的反义词paratory meeting for the inauguration ceremony, Du Tway是什么意思aozhe introduced the process of the inauguration ceremony and made detailed arrangements and division of labor for the preparatoservice和serve的区别ry wsecondlove日剧ork of the ceremony. Subsequently, the participating council members reviewed and approved the preparation plan for the inauguration ceremony proposed by Du Taozhe, and were full of confidence in the smoothway holding oright怎么读f the ceremony.

The regular meeting wilservice的名词l begin on time after the successful complregular翻译etion of the preparatorpreparatory怎么读y meeting. Du Taozteamworkhe tolregular的所有形式led the besecond的基数词ll for the meeting, and Lservice翻译iu Huiqin read out the discipline omeeting是什么中文意思f the regular meeheld是hold的什么形式timeetingng of the right way service team.

Report Zhang Aiming women cervical cancer, breast cancer screening prevention campaignsteams, she says, large enterprises female participation promosecondhandtion to prevent two carcinoma is high, and small and medium-sized enterprise wright是什么意思omen participation is low, she urged not to participate in free medical lion friends蛙泳的正确姿势视频 as soon as possible to carry out the physical examright函数ination, feeservice怎么读ling the way service for the love of friends. Captain Li Xuegang suggestedregular反义词 that other service teammeeting腾讯会议s carry out screening and prevention activities tsecondscreen下载o improve the promotion effect of the activities.teampro

Chen Gang introduced the 2017-2018 financial aid project, hopingways to make the electric classroom financteams会议ial aid project into the right way service team brand servheldice project. Dheld的原型eng Junjie reported on the Chongyang Project, said that the project is beiteamsng prepared in an orderly manner to ensure the smooth progress of the project. Du Taozhe reported on the work of assisting the disabled and introduced the empmeeting腾讯会议loyment of more than 200 dismeetingtencentcomabled persons from shenzhen Deaf Association. Qiu Hongying introduced the progress of the internatteamoional Peace poster collection. Song proposregulared to carry outsecond的基数词 educational activities in Wufeng Special Educasecondtion School in Yichang, Hubei Province, donating 10 sets of computers for the school’s elerighteousctric classroom, helping 50 mentally handicapped students and improving the school’s teaching facilities.

Thright的反义词e meeting came to a successful end in high efficiency. All lion friends at thwaywarde meeting took a group photo.

Article/pmeeting怎么读英语hoto contributed by The Right Way Service Team

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