The 15th anniversary celebration and the inauguration ceremony of the 2017-2018 annual election of the Upstep Service Team was held smoothly

Glory step up & NBSP;   The lion love forever

— The 15th anniversary celebration and the inauguration ceremony for the 2017-2018 term ccelebrations是什么意思hange of the UpSTEP Service Team wacelebrationss successfully held

Oncelebration英语怎么读 August 27, 2017, tyelection翻译phoon “Paka” came, the wind and rain swept pengcheng. In the evening, the hall of xiangmihu Good World State Banquet was ablceremony翻译aze wicelebration英语怎么读th lights ananniversary中文翻译d flowers. Guests arrived in the torrential rain as promised to attend the 15th anniversary celebration of the Progressive Service Teamceremony是什么意思 of Shenzhen Lions Club andreelection the inaugural ceremony of the 2017-2018 annual change.

Domestic lion federation vielection中文ce-chairman Lin Ziyu, President of shenzhencelebration是什么意思中文翻译 lions in 2017-2018, tian wang xing, supervisors long wu xm, fo退婚后大佬她又美又飒rmer chairman of aggregates, Lin Tao, first deputy chairman Ma Min, chief financial officer, deputy scelebrationsecretary-gencelebration可数吗eral LuoJinSong, deputy secretary-ge陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿neral zhang jian zhi-qiang lu, each zone chairman, each partition, sm, and various professional committee President, servicecelebration翻译 representative, More than 280 people from Beijing, Sichuan, Shenyang, other charitable organizations, charitable organizations and enterprises, as well as volunteer serv通货膨胀下什么最保值ice teams, friendsannual英语怎么读 and relatives of lion friends attended the ceremony.

The chairman of the conference Lin Mei-ming zannual英语怎么读helection是什么意思ong announced the commencement of the ceremony. The solemn national anthem was played in the hallceremony造句, and all lanniversary中文翻译ion friends sang the lion song. Tong Xin, executannualizedive chairman of the conference, solemnlcelebration是什么意思中文翻译y introduceceremony的音标d the guesannual怎么读ts, and Lin Meiannual翻译 delivered a warm welcome speech on behalf of the first step service team. Zhceremony的名词ang Kun, the leader ofelection怎么读 the first step Service team in 2016-2017, made the annual work summary report, and Huang Meianniversary怎么读lian made the annual financial report.

In 2015-2016, upu Became the first service team to win both the “100% Hua-Lion Award” and the “100% Maowen Zhongshi Award” since the establishment of Shenzhen Lions Celection中文lub, and in 2016election是什么意思-2017, Upu Becelection是什么意思ame the firsthought service team to win the “200% Maowen Zhongshi award” in Channualizedina. At the 100th annual meeting of lions Club International, the lions from the upstep Service team stcelebration可数吗ood on the podium of lioelection怎么读ns Club International, shthinowing the elegant demeanor of the lions in China.

Captain Zhang Kun presented awards to the lion friends who made contributions to and supportcelebration怎么读ed the Service team, social caring units, enterprises and caring people in 2016-2celebration017, and paid trcelebration怎么读ibute telection是什么意思o all members of the council of 2016-2017 and presented gifts.

In the past year, under the leadership of Captain Zhang Kunelection是什么意思, the upper step Service Team has made remarkable achievements and won many honorinaugurations from Lions Club Iceremony用什么介词nternational, Lions League of China and Lions Club of Shenzhen. In orderanniversary是什么意思英语 to express the high rescelebration可数吗pect and heartfelt thanks to Captain Zhang Kun, lion friends carefully designed the salute link. Spotlight, captain zhang kun eye closu桃花源记re, clear and melodious singing ielection怎么读n the distance, she’s a pair of children slowly towards the stage, use song to express love for mothers, Mr Zhang kun captain. C. lion brothers also walked onto the stage, and their children together to captacelebration怎么读in zhang, a bunchannual是什么意思 of flowers this lion family selfceremony怎么读less dedication for public welfare undertakings to the applause and respect! In the music,annual英语怎么读 all the lion memberceremony怎么读s of the first step service team wainauguration是什么意思lked to the stage waving love glow sticks to pay tribute to Captain Zhang Kun and her family, and presented the carefully preparedcelebration gift — the Chinese character “Kun” signed by allcelebration可数吗 the lion members, which condensed everyone’s deep love and gratitude to Sister Zhang Kun! The camera rcelebration是什么意思英语ecordedcelebrationmk10 the exciceremony的音标ting and unforgettabceremony造句le mannualsoment of Zhang Kun shi Jie surrounded by everyone! At this moment, the big screen from the African children’s praise – “Kun Ma, we lceremony复数形式ove you!” The atmospheannualizedre of the audience to another climax.

In the presence of Lin Ziyannualsu, the vice president of the Domestic Lions Association, Tian Wangxing, the 2017-2018 president of the Shenzhen Lianniversary是什么意思英语翻译ons Club, Wu Xiaoming, the suceremony的名词pervisor, Sun Yun, Lin Tao and previous captains, Zhang Luoning received the captain’s scarf and the gavle symbolizing the power of the team from Zhang Kun, and completed the captain’s handoannualsver ceremanniversary缩写ony. The conference showcased the journey of Brother Zhanganniversarycelebration什么意思 Luoning’s lion road in the past ten years. Zhang Luoning, the 2017-2018 leadeceremony复数形式r of the Upstep Service Team, delivered anth enthusiastic inaugural spcelebrations是什么意思eech.

Then, Captain Zhang Luoning and the members o同花顺f the co褪黑素unciinauguration翻译l of Upstep Service Team for 2017-2018 appeared together. Under the common witness of all le褪黑素aders, Luo Jinsong, executive Deputanniversary中文翻译y Sethoughcretary general, led them to pledge to take office. The council members will lead upstep Service team to carry forward the past and make new achievemenannual同义词ts in the New Year.

The development of aceremony翻译n organization cannot be separated from the supplement of fresh blood. The two new lions club members of the first step Service team officially joined the lions Club at the ceremony and started the lion road janniversary是什么意思英语ourney with their enthusiasm.

President Tian Wangxing deliveannual的名词red a speech to congratulate the 15th anniversary of the estannualizedab童话故事lishment of the service team, highly appraceremony怎么读ise the team’s unremitting contributinauguration翻译ion to the public service cause, and have high hopes felection怎么读or the development of the service team in the New Year.

Vice President Lin Ziyu delivered a heartfelt and moving speech. She recalled tcelebration可数吗he memoriceremony复数形式es of working together with the Shangbu Service Team, highly praised the selfless dedication of all the members of the team, fully affirmed the role of Shainauguration翻译ngbu Servannualizedice team as a benchmark in The Lions Club of Shenzhen and evannual同义词en the whole country, and wished shangbu Service team to make greater contanniversary是什么意思英语ributions to the public welf褪黑素are cause.

T褪黑素he audience watched the video of “Re陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿view of the 15th Anniversary of Upstep Service tea退婚后大佬她又美又飒m” on the big screen, reviewing the 15 years of upstep Service teaannual英语怎么读m’s path of publicceremony是什么意思 welfare and charity. Everyannual翻译 story in the video is true and everyannual的名词 pictureelection中文 is moving. After 15 years of development, shangbu Service team has shed its youth and gradually formed a lion culture with service team characteristics. The growth and achievement of shangbu Service team is inseparable from the hard work of all the previous team leaders led by the team leader Wang Boshi. At the ceremony, all the captains shared their unforgettable experiences and profound insights during their tenure.

Fifteen years ago, a group of people formed the Step up Service. As童话故事 time goes by, some go, some stay. After 15 years of baptism, the 9 founding members led by the leader of the founding tceremony造句eam, Banniversary周年纪念rother Wang Boanniversary周年纪念shi, have inspired more like-minded people to join the focelebration翻译unding team with their persevannualserance and dedication, and have achieved the brilliant success of the founding team todacelebration是什么意思英语y. They are the seeds of progress, the backbone of progrthoughess, worthy oannualsf everyone’s respect!

A褪黑素fter 15 yannualethinars of accumulation, development and growth, shangbu Service team has a strong lineup and brilliant achiev童话故事ements, but the pacinauguration是什么意思e of progress has桃花源记翻译 never stopped, the goal of “one hundred feet to improve” has never wave褪黑素red. The poem “Believe in the Future” recited by all the members of shangbu Service team sceremony怎么读peaks eloquelection中文ently of the lioannual造句n friends’ yearning for the bright future of service tannual翻译eam.

In the warm applause, the 15 captains of the first step service team opened the champagne together, and everyone raireelectionsed their glthoughasses together, wishing the vigorous development of theceremony和celebration的区别 public welfacelebration是什么意思re and charity of the service team!

Fifteen years of growth and achievements have become history. Looking into the future,celebration英语怎么读 public servanniversary可以表达生日吗ice undertaking has a long way to go. Shangbu service team, a united, progressive, energetic and youthful team wilinauguration翻译l uphold the lion spirit of “we serve”, continue to work together, and make further progress!

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