Love Service Team: held the second regular meeting and council meeting of 2017-2018

Love Service Team: held the second regular meeting and council meeting of 2017-2018

On August 9th, 2017, the seregular的名词cond regular meeting and board mregular是什么意思英语eeting ofheld的原型 The year 2017-2018 was held in the concouncilmanference room on the 6th floor of Hilton Happy Friends Shenzhen. Zhang Zhihe, executive Chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club's 2017-2018 Shizilin Project Commitservice翻译tee and founding team leader of Poi Love Sheldervice Team; Zhang Feng, executive Chairman of Disciplinary Committee and focouncilrmerservice和serve的区别 Team leader of PoI Love Steamviewereheld的原型rvice Team; Love service team captain Su Youhua, last captain Xu Chaoyin, fimeetingyou是什么意思rst vicseconde captain Wanmeeting怎么读英语 Youyheld怎么读的ang, second vice cateams会议ptain Wang Lina, former captain Lcouncilsi Ylovely什么意思ude, secretary Lisecond怎么读u Zhiqing, general affairs Wmeetingang Haibin, picket Dong Sanqing & NBSP; Moserviceablere than 20 peoservice的名词ple attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Wan Youyang and presided over by Liu Zhiqing.

All the bells tteamoolled the meeting. Xu Chaoteamproyin, the former team leader, delivered a speech, thanking the lions for their support to this meeting.regular翻译

President Zhang Zhihe affirmed the work of the current council members, saying that as long as lion friends actively participate in slovely什么意思ervice activheld过去式和过去分词ities andsecond的基数词 practice lion culture, they will surely improve themselves continuousecondlysly. CAI kanfeng shared his views on the transition ceremony, hoping to better unite the team through the transiservice是什么故障灯tion event. Former captain Zhang Feng stressed the importance of frugality and called on lion friends to respond to the call of the district Council, strictly control the fcouncil怎么读unds of activities, and fulllovealarmy demonstrate the significance of each activity. Li yude, former captain of the Team, acknowledged the lion friends for their suggestions and suggestions for the lion work of the team, asecondarynd said that they would do their best to support the team's activitiecouncil词根sheld怎么读的.

Wan Youyang first vice captameeting怎么读英语in to introduce the work proceheld是hold的什么形式ss and division of labor arrangementmeetingss, and on the specific details of the discussion with you. Cheld的中文意思aptain Su youhua explmeeting翻译ained the ceremony and inauguration ceremony of The Shenzhen Lions Club andcouncil什么意思 the ccouncil怎么读ooperation system of the Shenzhen Lions Club, andteambition put forward valuable suggestions on the general meeting of tsecondlove日剧he PoAI Service Team.

By Su Yoregular反义词uhua/meeting怎么读英语Wang Haibin

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