Lianhuashan Service Team: held the second regular meeting of 2020-2021

On August 29, 2020, the second regular meeting of Lianhuashan Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club was held in Room 2807, Diwang Apartment, Shennan East Roservicemanad, Luohu District. Lions Club international director, lianhuashan service team leader Zhang Guojun, Lianhuashan ser莲花山公园现在开放吗vice team leader Chen Hongbin, first vice captairegularn Chu Bingtao, second viregular什么意思ce captain Li Lihuservicebioa, third vice captain Wang Xuejiao, former captain Flianhuashanang Mansong, Yin Zhongzhu, secrteametary Fei Zhihong and other 13 people attended the meeting. The meetingsecond was chaired by Chu Bintao and presided over by Chen Hongbin.

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Chu Bintao, chairman of the conference, tolled the bell. Chen Hongbin introduced the working arrangement of lion service in the near future. It is planned to change in the form of open-ended activities in Xifeng from September 26 to 27. It will start in Spring in Octo莲花山风景区门票价格bmeetingser.

Li Lihua proposed that the service activiservicemanties such as student aid and love should be sustaiteams手机版nteamable; Ouyang Weiqing proposed that the service team should improve the relevanregularlyt evaluation system, sucheld的意思是什么h as the number of participantsheld怎么读的; Yin Zhongzhu proposed that lion friends should be encouraged tteams会议o give money, heart, and through praise to encourage advanced; Chu bingtao proposed that eve莲花山ry service activiregular反义词ty be made iregularizationnto a short film to promoteservice翻译 the cultural inheritance of lianhuashan serteam什么意思vice team.

After the meeting, everyone had dinner and celebr莲花山介绍ated shiyou'莲花山风景区现在开放吗s birthday this month. Under the leadership of Csecondaptain Chen Hongbin, I wish liservice的名词anhuashan Service team better and further progress on the road of public welfare.


Article/photo & hmeeting是什么意思ave spent Contributed bupheldy Lianmeeting是什么意思中文翻译huashan Service Team

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