Shenzhen Lions club attended the work meeting of the publicity committee

        Shenzhen Lions club attended the work meeting of the publicit深圳风险等级y committee

          On July 27, the 2015-2016 public Relacommittee和commission区别tions and Publicity Committee meeting of深证指数 The Chinese Lions Associatimeetingon was held in Blions英语怎么读eijing. You Hong, president of Lionscommittee是什么意思 Association of China, Lei Jianwei, Su Zeran, Xu Wushun, Viccommittee怎么读e President of Lions Association of China, Liu Jattended是什么意思ing, Secretary General, Zhaoclub用英语怎么说 Ligong, chcommittee翻译airman of Beijing Management Committee, Wen Xiaoguang, chairman of lions Association publicity Committee,club是什么酒 and representatives of lions Association and its member management organizations publicity committees and news agencies attended the meeting. Gao Zhou, chairman of Lions Association of Shenzhen for 2015-2016 attended thmeeting是什么意思e meeting on behalwork翻译f of Lions Cluclub是什么意思b of Shenzhen. The meeting was presiworkdaydedunattended over by Wu Yizun, secretary geneworkforceral of thpublicity翻译e publicity committee of the Federation.
        &lions翻译nbsp; Xiao-guang wen did, chairman of the titled the lions iclubn the 2015-2016 “public XuanWei work plan report, this year, cib male XuanWei plans a publicity outline, and set up to cib news agency to promotworkplacee the main channellions读音 of information network system, promote the website edition correction, cib image pictorial, short filclubsm propaganda, build cib WeChat public official, Established the federation journal, held a natiomeetingtencentcomnal lion Fri深圳疫情最新动态ends micro film competition, explored the establishment of alion是什么意思 public relations system, foshenzhenrmulated public relations plans andlionsgate crisis handling plans, and established the news spokesman systcommittee和commissionem.
          The representacommitteestives of each member governing body reported the annual work plan of theclub是什么酒ir district according to the work planmeetings of the federation and their own situation. Chairman Gao zhou inworkouttroduced the key work of Shenzhen Lion News Agencywork是什么意思 in this year fmeetingrom four aspects of team building, puworkblicity and promotion, working mechanism and several tasks, which won the affirmation of the participating lion friendsattended.
          Meeting invitatiolions英语怎么读n association directors, the domestic disabled people magazine President NiLin made the public mission work specification requirements andworkplace lion “male xuan job responsibilities,” the theme of the speech, ni lion brother suggested that cib propaganda workmeeting是什么意思中文翻译 should be relying more on professional knowledge background and has strong activity of lionsattended, and to establish good relations of cooperation with the public media, at the same time, Each member management body shall provide at least 5 newsletters reflecting the locaworkplacel important and characteristic activities every moclubmed官网预订nth, so that the federation can compile the newslettlions读音ers and report tpublicity怎么读hem to the federation leaders and local councils.
    &nbsp深圳;     Tian Wei, president of JINGshi News Agency for 2014-2015, shared the operation experielions是什么意思nce of Jingshi News Agency and wechat platform. Last year, by developing the editorialcommittee是单数还是复数 team, strengthening the editorial team, paying attention to publicitycommittee是单数还是复数 planning, making good usworkse of multimedia and othclub是什么酒er measures, Jingscommittee中文意思hi News Agency achieved the promotion from versiclub是什么酒on 1.0 to version 2.0.clubmed官网预订 It published more tattended怎么读han 500 articles with 713,000 words, among which 101 articles reported the 10th Congress. In addition, Chen Ge, chmeeting怎么读英语airman of the third Districommittee和commissionct of 2014-2015 of Beijing Management Committee, explained the usage specification of LIANYUAN VI.
          Several vice presidents of the associatioclubmed官网预订n commented on the annual key work of the Publicity Committee respectively. Among them, Lei Jianwei stressed the importance of standardizing publicity work and paying attention to the tilion是什么意思中文翻译mely update of network inforlions是什么意思mation such as Baidu Baike. Su Zeran explions读音lained the significance of establishing the public propagandworkera Committee of the F深圳ederation. Xu suggested that a library of publicity maattended翻译terials be established to pr深圳疫情omote outstandworking lion friends and their touching stories.
          In he深圳市最新疫情r speech, President You Hong first summarized the functlion是什么意思ions and responsibilities of the federation’s publicity work by using “four indications” and “three unified” : “four indiwork的过去式cations”, namely, showinmeeting怎么读英语g what to do, publicizing how to do, indicating w深圳大学hat to do, and indicating what not to do; “Three unification” means leading the national propaganda wworkdayork, copublicity可数吗ordinating the national propaganda resources and unifying the sattended是什么意思tandard of propaganda. The objectives oworkf this year’s pworkforceropaganda work include: strengthening the propaganda infraclub是什么酒structurcommittee翻译e, adhering to the princcommittee和commissioniple of consolidating the foundation and makiworkng progress while maintaining stability; Normative behavior, imminent; Unimpeded information; Lay a good foundation for publicity work through personnel training aclubmannd system construction. You also commented on the committee’s work plan point by point.
          At the end of the meeting, Chairman Wlion是什么意思中文翻译en Xiaoguang thanked深圳大学 everyone for taking time out of the meeting and presented the appointment letter of members of the joint publicity Committee to the pacommittee是什么意思rticipants. The meeting ended successfullymeetings in a warm andmeeting是什么中文意思 active atmosphere.

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