Shenzhen Lions club and Harbin member management committee lion affairs forum held smoothly

Shenzhen Lions club and Harbin member management committee lion affairs forum helmanagement游戏d smoothly

          &nbslion翻译p; On the morning ofaffairs August 7th, 2013, Lions Club shenzhen warmly welcomed the director of Harbin Membclubman是什么牌子车er Management Committee and helions英语怎么读ld amanagement翻译 lion affaclubmedirs seminar in the Lions Club office of Shenzhen. Harbin Member Management Committee Director Xu Wushun, first deputy director Sun Lemembersmark啥牌子i, second deputy d深圳天气irector Guo Mingfei,members mark Shenzhen lion director wu xm, the previous director Sumembership Zeran Lin Ziyu, first deputy director, secretary general Zhang Xiaowei, chief financial officercommittee和commission区别 Chen Shijun, dean of genelion的中文意思ral affair ShiJianYong, deputy secretary-genermanagement是什么意思中文翻译al Li Yuehua, deputy secretary-general Li Wenqiu, system and standardize management chairman深圳 Feng Qijiaharbin中文翻译ng, public welion是什么意思中文翻译lfare culture research center, stylistic femember怎么读lshenzhenlomanagement专业wship committee, system construction and law committee chaircommittee翻译man, executive chairman on behalf of more than 20 People attended the symposium. The symposium was chairecommittee是单数还是复数d by Dmanagement怎么读eputy secretary General Li Welionsgatenqiu.
            Mr. Wu Xiaominaffair是什么意思英语g, director of Lions Club深证指数 shenzhen, welcomed the directaffairs是什么意思ors of Harbin Membership Management Committee. He hoped tomanagement什么意思 strengthen communication with Hmanagementarbin membership Management Committee and discuss the future development of Lions Club with our experience, so as to continue to make cmanagement怎么读音ontributimembers是什么意思ons to the development of domestic charity.
   management专业         Mr. Xu Wushun, director of Harbin Membership Management Committee, expressed his gratitude to Shenzhen Lions Club for its support and help to Harbin Membership Management Clionelommittee, and hoped to get guidance from Shenzhen Lions Clu深证指数b in system consclub怎么读truction, membershipmanagement翻译 development and reteclubsntioncommittee, financial management amanagement翻译nd other aspects.
            Su Zeran, the last director of Shclubenzhen Lions club, welcomed thmember造句e ar深圳rival of Harbin member management committee. He said that Harbin member management Commiaffairs翻译ttee was developing vemanagement翻译ry fast, and the participationmanagement是什么意思英语 of service activities was very high. He hoped to communicate with each other alionsgatend promote common develmember可数吗opment.
  &harbin什么啤酒nbsp;lions      management是什么意思中文翻译   Xie Jianwen, founmanagement是什么意思中文翻译ding District Directorlions of Shenzhen Lioharbin什么意思ns Club anmembers markd chief supervisor of the Board of Supervisors, thanked the director team of Harbin Member Management Committee for their contribution to your district, anmember翻译d hoped that Harbin Member Management Committlion是什么意思ee couldlion是什么意思中文翻译 lay a solid foundation andclubman learn from the experience of other districts, so that the road of lions would be more stable and further.
            In a relaxelions是什么意思d and pleasant atmosphere, the two sides shared and exchanged gifts on system constructiomanagement什么意思n, lion service construction, membership development and retention, financial standard management and omanagement是什么意思中文翻译ther topics.


Photo by Zhang Lichen/Li Jiangping

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