Shenzhen Lions Club Foton Service Team entrepreneur think tank Alliance

Shenzhen Lions Club Foton Service Team entrepreneur think tank Alliance
Visit —– Jieshun Technology Industry Co., LTD.,entrepreneur词根 the honorary chairman of the companentrepreneurshipy

            On the ateams会议fternoon of August 2nd, 2013, led by Brother Chen Jianhuiclubmed, 2013-2014 Preclubsident of Shenzhen Lions Club Futian Service Team, accompanied by Brother Liu Minservicemang, chairman of Legal Affairs Committee, Seven people, including the first vice president Pan Genqin Shi Jie, Huang Deqinentrepreneur和businessman的区别g Shi Jie, Xu Shaohclub翻译ua Shi Jie, He Xiaowu深圳地铁线路图 Shi Jie andlions读音 secretary Gao Zhe Shi Jie, visited Tang Jian Shi Jie, honorary President of Futian Service Group in Shenzhen Jieshun Science and Teclubmedchnology Industry Co., Ltd.
          &lions翻译中文nbsp; President Chen explained the 2013-2014 work plan of Futian Service Team to Brother Tangclubmed官网预订 Jianshi. When talking about paying more attention to the physical and mental health of autisentrepreneur词根tic childreteampron this year, President Tathinkpad怎么进入biosng took the initiative to tell a true story of a child of an employee olions翻译中文f the company, which provided good materials for theservice和serve的区别 development of this project. Tang also said that although he was busy this year, he wouclub是什么意思ld participate in as many lions club activities as possible and supplions是什么意思ort The Futian Service team as a深圳地铁线路图lways.
After that, we diteamproscussed the management philosophy of theentrepreneur enterprise, and Tang communicated with different management ideas and philosophies at home and abroad, which increased the knowledge of lion friends. Tang invteamited guests to attend future high-end seminars and lectures.
            Foton service Team issued outstanding Contribution Award and Outstanding Achievement Award for 2011-2012 to Tang Jian, anentrepreneur是什么意思d President Chen presented honorary chairman cerentrepreneur是什么意思tificate to Tang Jian shi. Tang saidentrepreneur词根 he would like to do more service activities!
Thislions excservice翻译hange of visits of entrepreservice翻译neurs is the first activity of shenzhen Lions Club Foton Service Team of entrepreneurs mteamviewerutual assistance alllions翻译中文iance, which opened the pfoton是什么车relude for lion friends enterprises to exchanentrepreneur是什么意思ge and learn from each other!

Photo: Futian Service Team


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