The 2014-2015 Board of Directors of Lions Club shenzhen was successfully held

The 2014-2015 Board of Directors of Lions Club shenzhen was successfully held

            On June 13, 2014, the Lions Club Of Shenzhen was successclub是什么酒fully convened at Ka Wah Hotel in Dongguan, Guangdong. Twenlion是什么意思ty-nine council members were present at the meeting, including president Designate Lin Ziyu, First vicelions翻译 President designate Lin Talions英语怎么读o, second Vice President designate Shi Jianyong, Secretary-General designate Zeng Shiyang, Finance Chief designate Yu Qian, Chief Executive Officer dedirector是什么意思英语signate Zhou Ting, Picket Chief designatsuccessfully patched是什么意思e Tian Wangxing and Executive Deputy Secretary-General designate Gao Zhou. Su Zeran, vice President of Lions Associatilions翻译中文on of Chwasn’tina, Liu Guoliang, deputy supervisodirector是什么意思英语r of Lions Cdirector是什么意思英语lub of Shenzhen 2014-2015, Li Wenwassupqiu, and Wu Zwei, advisor of Lions Club of Shenzhen, attended the meetclubing.director是什么意思 The meeting was chaired by Secretary-general designate Zeng Shiyang.
  &nbspdirector什么意思中文;  深圳疫情最新消息       Ms. Lin Ziyu, the presidentlions翻译中文 designate, opened her speech on the theme of lionsclub用英语怎么说 Club of Shenzhen 2014-2015. Passing on love ” And & other; Sustainable development, happy service, standardizelions读音d management, spread love & RDquo; The slolions是什么意思gan was elaborated, and the development and retention of membwaspers, memsuccessfullybership fee collection, the creation of outstanding service team, four community theme service month activities, revision and improvsuccessfully造句ement of rules and regulations, strengthen the construction of teachers and lion guide group, thdirector是什么意思e spread of lion culture, lion warming action, & LDboardingquo; Passing on love &rdquosuccessfully是什么意思; Series commend the work of a dewas怎么读tailed deployboardwalkment, President Lin said that in the Newwas是什么意思 Year lidirector是什么职位on, in the domestic lions undlions英语怎么读er the leadershlions翻译ip of the federatilions翻译on, under the guidance of shenzhen disabled persons’ federaunsuccessfullytion, Presidentwas of thdirector是什么意思英语e team, the council members, the members of each committee and the joint efforts of all the lion friends, shenzhen lsuccessfully造句ions will be able to accomplish the project of the annual target, towards a better tomorrow.
            Then, Su Zeran, vice Pr深圳疫情最新消息esident of Lions Club of China, deliboardingvered a spwashingtoneech on behalf of lions Club of China. He reviewed twassuphe main meeting spirit of the ninth generation of lions Club and the work target of 2014-2015clubman. While affirming the achievements of the plion是什么意思中文翻译revious work of shenzhen Lions Club’s board of directors, Su put forward suggestions and expectations for the work of membership development and service projects in the New Year.
       wasn’t     The meeting deliberated and alion是什么意思dopted tlions读音he 2014-was是什么意思2015 work plan, activity outline, budgetlion是什么意思, board structu深圳re and division of work, as well as the ddirector是什么意思英语ecision on raising the standard of membership of the new Service Team. The meeting decided that since Julions是什么意思ly 1, 2014, to raisesuccessfully the standard of the number of new service team, the size of the newwashed service team from &LDquo; The number of members of the service team must be at least 25. Instead & other; The number of members of the servi深圳疫情最新消息ce team mu深圳市最新疫情st be at least 30. . The meeting also briefed the names of special committedirectors是什么意思es and related teams, the ceremony a深圳市最新疫情nd inaugural ceremony, the 97th International Convention and the collection of dues.
  &nbsboard和broad怎么区分p;        clubmed官网预订 The members of the Council also made suggestions and suggestions actlions怎么读ively for the lion affairs work of this year, and discussed the rules and discipline of the council meeting, the issues related tdirectors是什么意思o the Huashu Foundation, the establishment of rules and regulations revision and worclubsking rules makiwashedng grwasoup, etc.
            Thelions怎么读 mewashedeting laid a good founda深证指数tion for the smoclub是什么意思oth operation of the 2014-2015 board of Directors. The board memwash怎么读bers said that they would work hboardard with concerted efforts and fdirectorshipull of confidence to accboard翻译ompllions英语怎么读ish the planned goaldirector是什么意思英语s of the New Year.

By Li Xiao & NBSP; Photo/Lin Zeyun


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