Lions Club Light Tour launches second stop (source: Shenzhen Evening News B20, June 30, 2014)

More than 500 poor cataract patients have regained their sight

Lions Club Light Walk ssourcedtarts second stour是什么意思top

&nsource命令bsp;     &nbspclubmed官网预订;     Shenzhestop是什么意思啊n Evening News (replaunchergameor深圳市最新疫情ter Wang Xiaofang correspondent Lin Hui Wang Yongxiang) & LDquo; I came fromsource翻译 the countryside, without your efforts, I would never see the lightsources是什么文件夹 of day again. Thanks to the good people of lions club.launcher启动器 . Say this is an old man who just finis深圳疫情hed cataract operation in the mountainous area of Maoming. Recently, 12 service teatour是什么意思ms of Shenzhen Lions Club set out to bring light to 500 cataract paclubmedtients in Maonan district of Maostopc00021a蓝屏ming city, follolighterwing the activity of Cataract recovery in Jiangmen.
  &nbspclub是什么酒;  lions怎么读     &nbslighterp; It is reported that the south China attended maoming station launched by shenzhen small lion with service, shenzhen lions will main service, tiande GFS, mileage service, maritime yun peace GFS, riverside service, bijia mountain GFS, oct service, taoyuan xixiang GFS, deep red li servlightning接口ice, dahuang GFS, puma golf wsecond什么意思ing joint participation, etc. On The 20th, molions的音标re than 200 people from 12 service tetour是什么意思ams drove to Maoming from Shenzhen.
            The reptournamentorter learned that this bright activity has been maoming Maonan District Disabled persons’ Federation, Maonan District people’s Hospital strong support. As early as June 9 to 21, maonan District Pe深圳ople’s Hospital has provided free cataract screening anclubmed官网预订d free examination and registration for local poor patients. Wash the patient’s eyes, changeclubs clothes, remove gauze, drop eye dropsclubman是什么牌子车 … … On The 21st, the caring tesecond什么意思am of Shenzhen Lions Club gathered in Maonan Distrlightroomict People’s Hospital. The volunteers were busy. The ollaunchergamedest cataract patient in the group was 96, anlauncherios15中文版d the average age of all patients was more than 80.
      &nbsstop怎么读p;     “ It makes me feel so happy to see an old man again. . Shenzhen lions with service President ted tse, the city of shenzhelionsgaten lions attended the activity plan for guangdong counties 2000 cataract patients to light, the south China attended maoming station is shenzhen lions attended series of activities of the second this year, is expected for 50 patients witlions是什么意思h cataract slions怎么读urgery, every day activity continues to this day. Previously, th深圳市最新疫情e ac深圳风险等级tivity has been into partlions怎么读s of Yangjsource翻译iang, the local 600 cataract patients have been able to see again. On The 19th of this month,second怎么读 more than 30 lion friends from shenzhen Lions Club Ming Jia Good Product Service team and frienlauncher3已停止运行是什么意思ds team also accompanied the express train to walk into the zijin Zhongba, the ancestral home of Sun Dongguan, to carry out a three-day charity activity to perform 60 free surgeries for local poor cataract patients. In the next step, Guangming South China Will also come to Yunfu, Shantou and other areas in Guangdong province to bring light to loclightal poor cataracsecond什么意思t patients.

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