Shenzhen Lions Club builds Bridges and roads in Peace (source: Shenzhen Evening News, B20, June 30, 2014)

The Lions Club of Shenzhen built Bridges and roads peacefully

Shenzhen Evening News (Revening和nightepor深证指数ter Wang Xiaofang correspondent Zhang Yuan Qi Lin Zeyun)
            Onevening英语怎么读 the 24th, shenzhen Lions Club and Futiabuild什么意思中文名字n Lotus Sub-diclubsstrict office joined hands to carry out peace and developmen深证指数t. Build Bridges, build roads, and learn. Activities. The launching ceremony wassourced held in Lixie Primary Schoolions翻译中文l, Shutang Village, Yangming Town, Heping County. Seven service teams from Shenzhen Lions Club xixiangbuilds, Diking, Main Club, Huanggang, Oriental Rose, Blue Sk深圳天气y and Lion Shadow ca深圳天气me to Shitang Village, Yangming Town, Heping County, to carry out special support activities to rebuild the dilated bridge, strengthen the vilpeacefullage road and imprpeacebird是什么品牌衣服ove the teaching environment.
            After preliminary investiclub翻译gation, seven service teams selected three support projects in the first phase, including building Bridges, repairing roads and improving the condition of a school. Shenzhen Lions Club will invest 260,000 yuan in the firsclubmed官网预订t phase obuild什么意思中文名字f lovebridgestone/普利司通轮胎官网. It is reported that this is the first cooperation between Shenzhen Lions Club and Lotus Sub-district office, and the two sides will continue to carry out cooperation in poverty alleviation and education donation in the future.

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