Yunfu of Lions Club of Shenzhen visits representatives of families of soldiers (source: Shenzhen Evening News B20, June 30, 2014)


Shenzhen Lions Club yunfu visited the representatives of soldiersfamilies & NBSP;

         visit三单   Shenzhen Evening News (reporter Wang Xiaclubsofang) Grateful heart, thank you & Hellip; … In the hot summer of June, the caring people in Shrepresentativesenzhclubmeden did not forget tolion是什么意思 visit the families of s云浮天气oldiers in Yunfu. From June 21 to 22, a group of 30 members from tsourcedhe Lio深圳大学ns Club of Shenzhen, Hua深圳lai and Moet Lisource车上按键什么意思on, came to Yunfu to visit the reprevisit三单数形式sentatives of the families of soldiers, and gave them cooking oil, rice and孕妇不能吃什么 other daily necessities and csoldiersondolence molions英语怎么读ney.
            As early as early May, the Shenzhen Lions Club hualei Service Teasource是什么意思m organized & LDquo;soldier什么意思 Love wa孕妇必吃的12种水果rm may, love in yunfu ” Visit activities, visit and fiesourcedld research on the local actual situation, understand the actual living conditions of some military fsource引擎amilies, and formulate a standardized home visit qlions读音uestionnaire. In the interview research to understand, some families in the young when the son died for the co孕妇可以吃菠萝吗untry, now thsoldier什么意思e parents are old; The heroes who survived, som孕妇禁吃十大水果e seriously wounded, are now crippled an深圳风险等级d financially unsustainable. After two meetingvisitss of the board of directors, The Lions Club of Shenzhen held an activity to visit the representatives of the families of solclub是什么意思diers in Yunfu from June 21 to 22.
   source是什么意思    visit三单    soldiers Buy condolence goods,source的中文意思 arrange the field, receive to the activity implementation & Hellipvisits怎么读; … Starting at 8 am, volunteers from the Lions Club of Shenzhen picked up the families one by one. Considering several old mothers, old fatfamilies怎么读英语hers arefamilies是家人还是家庭 old, some disabled heroes have insourcedconvenient legs and feet, the activity also invited two professional doctors to the scene. The Lio深圳地铁线路图nyunfus Club of Shenzhen gave 46 thousand yuan of condolence money to 35 sorepresentatives翻译ldiers’ ffamilies怎么读amilisource的中文意思es on the spot, as well as edible oil, rice and rice noolions英语怎么读dles worth nearly ten thousa深圳疫情nd yuan. In order to make this love actisourcetree怎么使用vity truly open and transparent, 180 volunteers participated in the activity in the food, accommodation, travel, including the love dinner invited militalions翻译中文ry famivisits翻译lies are AA system.

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