The Joint service activity of Shenzhen Lions Club to help Guangxi with “rural revitalization” was launched in Baise

On November 26, the launching ceremony of the joint service activity of the Shenzhen Lions Club to help Guangxi with “rural revitalization” was h深证指数eld in Baise. Deputy Secretary-general of tactivity的动词he People’srural翻译 Government of The Autonomous Region,guangdongGu深证指数angxi cooperation t广西大学研究生院eam leader Kuang Bing outmatLaunclions翻译中文hing ceremony and speech. Member o深圳天气f standing Committee of CPC Municipal Committee and Minister of United Front Wactivity翻译ork DepartmentThe highDe Bin; Dong Xiu, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation; Nilions读音e Xiangdong, Second Vice President of Shenzhen Lions Club;ghelplessuangdongLiu Desheng, deputy leader of guangxi Cooperation Team, atlionstended the launching ceremony.

Kuang Bing pointed out in his speech that the joint service activity of shenzhen Lions club for “rural revitalization” in Guangxi is mainly a series of charitable assistance activities to Guangxi, especially Baise. Hand of friendship and hope that the social people from allrural名词 walks of life, given a love, th广西师范大学e party and the official conjoint venturecern for vulnerable groups, the social from all walks of life to the care ofhelp是什么意思英文翻译 the vulnerable group, and sent to each person in need of help, let them feel the warmth and love, and feel the lovelionsgate between people, let them and all the people together, enjoy ijointheclub是谁n a harmonious state, in the Shared ha广西大学研究生院rmony.

It is reporteservice和serve的区别d that during the evjoint是什么意思ent, the Lions Club of Shenzhen donated 630,000 yuan to nanshservice是什么意思中文翻译an Prclubmedimary School in Tianyang District. Donated medical equipment worth 4 millionjointed yuan to the Central healthjoint翻译 center of Xiangzhou Town, Tiandong County. During his stay in Baise, Shenzhen Lions Club will also make donations toclub是什么意思 the families of the Red Army survivors in Jingxi city.

[Source: Baise People’s official _ Government affairs Highlights]

The Lions Club of Shenzhen launched a joint service activity to hejointedlp Guangxi with “jointedrural revitalization” in Baise

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