Hats off to the “Double Hundred” service team

Hats off to the “Double Hundred” service team

          November 29, 2015 ihundred是什么意思英语s an ordinary Sunday, but for Shenzhen Lions Club, it is a day worth remembehats怎么读ring forever. On this day, step, Yitian service team has becomeserviceable the “double hundred” service team. For this daserviceabley, The Shenzhen Lions Club has been waiting for 13 years, which can be said to bdouble类型reak the cocoon of butterflyoffset, but the two servichundred翻译e teams appeared only haldouble和float区别f a day apart, which can be said to be a goodservice thing in pairs. Indouble占几个字节 the district general meeting held the day bhatsune是什么意思efore, shenzhen Lions Club just issued a cadouble怎么读ll to all lion fridouble怎么读ends to donate “Hua Shi Award” and “MAO Wen Zhong Shi Award”.

What is “double hundred” service team?

  &office激活密钥nbsp;       Thundreds ofhe “Double Hundred” service team is the service team that hadouble是什么意思s won the “100% Hua Shi Award” and “100% Mau Man Zhong Shi Member”.
    &nbspteams;       According to the donservice怎么读ation metservicemanhod announced by Shenzhen Lions Cluoffice办公软件b, a lion friend who donates RMB 5000 to the Service fund of Shenzhen Lions Club will get a “Lion Lion Award”. If all the members of the service team pledge theoffice激活密钥 Chinese Lion Award, thhatse service team will be awarded “100% Chinese Lion Award” service team.
          According to the rules published on LCIF website: for those who donate 1000 DOLLARS to LCIF, they will be awarded the honorary title of “Mervyn Bell Member”; When all members of a service become “Mervhats怎么读音发音英语yn Members”, the service will be awarded the “1office是什么意思00% Mervyn Members” award flag.


How difficult is “Double Hundred”?

&noffice怎么激活bsp; &nbspteamviewer;       Yesterday, when the news of shenzhhundred英语怎么读en Lions Club’s “Double Hundred” service team spread in the wechat group and circle of friends, many old lion fserviceableriends were excited to praise, bedouble类型cause they know that this “double hundred” is really hard-won. Just how hdouble在c语言中的意思ard it is can be seen in the following data analysishatsune是什么意思.
&nbspservice怎么读;         First, “100% Huashi Award” service team. Up to now, among more than 120 serservice和serve的区别vice teams of Shenzhen Lions Club, only 4 teams, tai ‘an, Gaoxin, Yitian and Shangbu, have successively become “100% Huashi Award” service teams, accounting for less than 4%.





  &nbspservice是什么意思;       The second is the “100% Mervyn Chung Members” seroffer的意思vice team. Up to now, among the 885 service teams of the Lions Associatiservice是什么故障灯on in China, onlteamworky 3 service teams (Sunshine, Shangbu and Yitian) of the Lions Club in Shenzhen hhundred百武装战记ave successively become “100% Maowen Zhongshi members” service teams, accounting for leshundred的序数词s than 3.4 percent of one thousand. As of June 2015, out of more than 40,000 cluoff是开还是关bs (service teams) of Lions Clubs Internatdouble是什么意思ional, only 426 have successively become “100% Mervyn And Jongshi members” service teams, accounting for only 1%.
          Third, the “Double Hundred” service team. Up to now, only shangbu and Yitian have become “Double Hundred” service teams, accounting for lesdouble在c语言中的意思s than 2% of the total number of servicteame teams. Lion Foundation Inteambitionternational (LCIF)hatsukoi does nothats怎么读音发音英语 have a double award, but does hahundredsve a “200% Mervyn Membership” award (i.e., “when all members of a service team donate more than $2000 to LCIF,service翻译 thedoubleday service team will bdouble占几个字节e awservicebioarded the” 200% Mervyn Membership “award flahat是什么意思g. ), considering thdouble在c语言中的意思at usd 1doublelift000 is basically equivalent to RMB 5000, we refer to the data published by LCIF, and as of June 2015, only 29 service teams of Lions Club International have successively become “200% Maowen Zhongshi member” service teams, accounting for only 7 out ohats翻译f 10,000. From this point of view, the “double Hundteamviewerred” service team is one in tehats怎么读音发音英语n thouservice是什么故障灯sand.

&nteamsbsp;         Fourth, experience time. The same achievement should also consider the time it took to achieve the achievemeservice的名词nt,serviceable we still refer to the data published by LCIF: the fteamworkirst “100% Maowen & NBSP” in the world; LCIF has been established for 20 years and Lions Club international hdoubleas beofficeen established for 71 years. The first “200% Mervyn Club members” service team appeared in Mdoubledayarch 2003, whats怎么读音发音英语hich is the year LCIF was founded 35 years ateams手机版go and Lions Club International 86 years ago. Corresservice是什么意思pondingly, the first “100% Maohundreds ofwen Zhong Club members”teamviewer service team of Shenzhen Ldouble killions Cluhat是什么意思b appeared in 2009, whoffice办公软件ich is only 7 years since the establishment ofservice翻译 Shenzhedouble翻译n Lions Club and 5 years after thedouble怎么读 establishment of “Hua Shi Award” (Sservice和serve的区别henzhen Lions Club officially issued the “Resolution on tofficialhe Establhundred翻译ishment of” Chinese Lion Award “on May 1, 2004). Now, there are two “Double Hundred” service teateambitionms in Shenzhen Lions Club. It is only 13 years since the establishment of Shenzhen Lions Club and 11service years since the establishment of “Hua Shi Award”. Truly called “time is money, efficiency is life” Shenzhen speservice和serve的区别ed!

How much did the “Double Hundred” servicehatsukoi team contribute?

          According to statistics, in their winning year, The shangbu and Yitian service teams donated 42 and 40 Huashi awards respectively, and 34 and 38 Maowen Zhongshi Awards, with a combined donation of 410,000 YUAN and 72,000 US dollars. How much does this really contribute to service activities?
          410,000 RMB —hats if used for the “Brightneshatsunes Action” projhats翻译ect, it can help more than 500 poor cataract patients to have vision surgery (the treatment cost is 800 RMB per person); If it is used for community service, it can support the implementatiooffern of morhatse than 200 community services (2,000 yuan per service).
  &double killnbsp;       $72,000 — to help 7,200 people with river blindness avoid blindness; Vaccinate 48,000 children against measteams手机版les.

The significance of “Double Hundred”

    &nbsofferp;     Thservice是什么意思e significhats什么意思ance of becoming a “double huservicendred” service team goes beyond the superficial numbers.
          First of all, it shows the love of lion friends. Donation can help those in urgent need of assistance and promote the development of public welfare, which embodies the love of Lion Friends and is also one of the best ways to fulfill the promise of “four out”. To achteamviewerieve “double hundred” is by no means a success in a day. According to statistics, since the establishment of the club, the lion friends ofhundred百武装战记 Shangbu and Yitian service team have donated far more than onservice怎么读e million yuan. Brother Wu shi of Yitian Service Team introduced that in the past year alooffice怎么激活ne, yitian Shiyou donated more than 2.8 million yuan in total service funds and administrahundredtive funds, which does not include the “Yitian Ruilin Ophthalmic coffice激活密钥ldouble killinical Relief Project” raised 1 million yuan every year and donations from other service team shiyou through the charity party.
          Secondly, itoff embodies the team spirit of thoffer的意思e service team. Take The first step service team as an example, it only took more than 10 hours from the afternhundreds ofoon of the 28th to the morning of the 29th toffero complete the pledge tarofficeget of all membofficialers, aoffice是什么意思nd it only took 1 hour and 44 minutes for the Yitian Service team to complete the pledge target from the initiative of the board of the servidouble类型ce team to all lion membersdoubleday. This shows the amazing team spirit of the “Double Hundred” service team.
          Finally, the donation of the Wah Lion Awarservicemand and the Mervyn Bell Award gave new meaning to the lions Club’s serviceteams. In lions anhats怎么读d lion friedouble在c语言中的意思nds more on “out of the heart, power, monhats怎么读ey, to attend the” combination of participatingdouble是什么意思 in this service acthatsuneivity, giving China lion, MAO Wen Zhong awards is a beyond the service concept, reflects the confideserviceablence in thehundred是什么意思英语 lions club organizatiteamproon, lion friends support in the form of money involved in other areas, other teams, the other lion of charitable service activities, Supportiteams手机版ng otheservice和serve的区别rs to realize their public service dreams is a more perfect interpretation of lions’ service, and another way to understand the famous words of Lions club founder Mervyservice是什么意思中文翻译n Jones: “You can’t go far untilservice的名词 you start doing something for others.” The “others” here may be theteam recipients or other lion friends.
          Let’s pay tribute to all the lion friendoffice激活密钥s who become the first step of “Doubhundredsle Hundred” service team and Yitian Shats怎么读ervice Team! I also wisteamworkh every lion friend who has pledged to donate the Chinese Lion Award and mervyn Bell Award! It’s great to have you with us on the road to realizingoffice办公软件 our public welfare dream.

[Shenshi News Agency]
[Reporter] Gao Zhou
[Photo Editing] Lin Yanfen



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