Shenzhen Lions Club came to Hong 'an county to carry out educational donation activities news  On November 24, shenzhen lions loving people to red to carry out the "bright eyes SanJin Hclub是什么酒ongAn "public welfare donations for HongAn five, yong river middlelions怎么读 school, the peach blossom, star anise, secondary, two high school more than 1300 myopia students with glasses for serlionsvices, visual acuity深圳, medicine, optometry, and popular science education love eye, eye and adolescent myopia preventioncame怎么读 and control knowl深圳大学edge.

Meicount意思 Yucheng, a student from Hong 'an No. 5 Middleeducational School, said: "Tomorrow we will be like you, taking over the baton in your hands and passing on this positive energy. We willions翻译中文l be the pillars of o洪荒关系户ur motherland who know how to remember, how to be grateful and how to repay."

On the same day, the lions club also donated two "Spring Breeze libraries" to Dongfa洪荒关系户ng Primarylion是什么意思中文翻译 School and Citangkou Primary School, alcameoong with more than 50,000 books and 10 office computers.

Deputy County magistrate Ye Jinrong attended the event.

[Source: Rong Media Center of Hong 'an County]

Shenzhen Lions Club came to Hong 'an county to carry out educational donation activicount英语怎么读音ties

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