Deep evening report | escort the vision health of the elderly! The launching ceremony of “Shenzhen Lions Club serving the Community” series of activities was held

On the morning of November 29th,” Shenzhen Lions Club to serve the Community” The launching ceremony of the series of activities was held in thelderly和old的区别e central square of Lianhuaevening是什么意思bei Village, Futian District. Doctors from shenzhen Second Peopledeepl‘s Hospital, Shenzhen Eye Hospital and other hospitals provided free vision examination, diabetes prevention and education, and first aid knowledge promotion for community residents.

Deep evening report | escort the vision health of the elderly! The launching ceremony of

Ddeepsleep2eep late reporters to understand, for a solid launch “; I do practical thinvisionpro是什么软件gs for the masses. Under the guidance of the Municipal Cahealthierre office and the Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation, Shenzhen Lions Club plans to carry out 30 themed practice activities in th栾城区合并村规划图e whole city. Shenzhen Lions Club to serve the Communireportty” Joint activities, genevisionary翻译ral hospital of shenzhen university, shenzhen second people’s hospital, the threportird people’s hospital of shenzhen, huazhong university of science and technology union medivisionstreetwearcal college hospital in she栾城天气nzhen, shenzhen ophthalmic hospitalvision什么意思 and other hospitals will provide free clinic for the community residents, assistive and physical inspection, first aid knowledge andelderly和elder skills to coach, diabetes knowledge education, drug con栾城区有几个乡镇trol mission and other community servicereports.

Aunt Li, who lives in Lianhua Nhealthyorth vceremony怎么读illage, told reporteceremony是什么意思rs that she is more than 70 years old this year, a few years六安城南疫情 ago tvision软件o do a cataract operation, recently feel the sight of things and some blurred, worried that cataracts recur, the children are busy withescort福特什么车型 their work, and they do not know how to register, has not been dragged to thevisionstreetwear hospital. At the activity site today, the doctor told her that her evision翻译yes were very clean, not cataracts, and her vision was much clearer after a pair of reading glasses were fitted. It is understood that on the day of the event, hundreds of elderly people under the guidance of volunteers have completed visioceremony造句n testing, fescort福特什么车型uhealth2live官网ndus examination, and according to theevening是什么意思 doctor’s advicescort翻译e to receivceremony造句e frvisionproee glasses suitable for their own.

Deep evening report | escort the vision health of the elderly! The launching ceremony of

The day of the event, from shenzhen eye hospital of doctor of vice director of Chehealth2下载n lingelderly, saiescortd she has been aevening怎么读t the scene of the free clinic accepts dozens of old man, with aldeepnostalgial kinds of vision problems besides presbyopia and many of them hae common cataract, conjunctivitis,reporting floaters andvision other kinds of eye disease, even for diabetes, high bldeepenood pressure, fundus macular degeneration and other reasons lead to blind. Chen Ling suggested that citizens of all ages should actively pay attention to tvision什么牌子heir own eye health problems, vision problems must be timely medical treatment, espelaunching翻译cially the elderly, not in the sight ohealth2安卓版官方下载f the problem alwayescorteds think “. That’s what happens when you get older.” Never wait for trouble to be toreport翻译o late for rreportaproblemegret.evening是从几点到几点

Deep evening report | escort the vision health of the elderly! The launching ceremony of

According to the Shenzhen Lioreportns Club “; The lion elder sister & quot; According to CAI Min, they will continue t栾城区合并村规划图o carry out public service acevening怎么读tivceremony同义词ities in Bagualing, Hreport名词uangbeiling and other communities under the help and guidance of the Municipal Care office, and continue to pay attention to the visual health of the elderldeepsleep2y in Shenzhen. By the end of 2022, 10,000 pairs of presbyopia glasses will be delivered to the elderly in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen Evening News reporter Lu Zifan

[Source: Shenzhen Evening News]

Original link: Deep ehealthiervening report | escort the vision heelderly和elderalth of the elderly! The laudeepl翻译nching ceremony of “栾城区合并村规划图Shenzhen Lions Clureportaproblemb serving the Comm乱成语unity” series of activities was held

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