Songming Service: The inauguration ceremony was held successfully

Songming Service: The inauguration ceremony was held successfully

On October 28, 2016, the inauguration cceremony用什么介词eremony of the 2016-2017 annual change of Songming Service Team of Shenzhsuccessfully是什么意思英语en Lions Club was successfully held宋明马玉婷城关镇书记 in the compservice是什么意思ound of Guangming Community Healt宋明昭h Serceremony的名词vwassupice Center in Guangming New District. Shenzhen lions Zeng Shi keep 2016-2017 generaceremony是什么意思l secretary, member managementheld中文 committee chairman Deng Yi, mining-team wide, partition, chairman of the generation following msongmingacros, such as, what salary Peng Daojian, pine torches service captain Li Baoyan, the previous captain Zhu Ya second-class leaceremony用什么介词dership lions, friends, as the new light kang wei maomawaspo, bright social securitheld的原型y association, director of the center for li, vice dupheldirector of qingyuan city agriculture bureau clock persistence, More than 210 people, including staff of occheldupational Heservice怎么读alth Center, attceremony复数形式ended the evenceremony和celebration的区别t.

Zheng Zhuoyu tolled the bell,service是什么意思中文翻译 introduced the guests and delivered a welcome speech. Zhu Ya made a summary of the work of 2015-2016unsuccessfully. He thanked the team leader Wen Jicheng and the lion friservicemanends of songheldbackming Service team, and hoped that songming Service team woulwas怎么读d inheritserviceman the woservice翻译rking style, deepen the service and improve the lionwash service level in the New Yeceremonyar. Li Jianqin for the 2015-2016 annual financia宋明理学l report. During the commendation session, the district council members presented a certificate of appreciation to tceremony是什么意思he lion fr宋明马玉婷城关镇书记iends of songming Service Team for their outstanding pheld的中文意思erformance. In the witness of the leader lion friends, Zhu Ya two team leader ribbon handed over to Li Baoyan, and give gifts to each other.service

Li Baoyawashn delivered an inaugural speeceremonych and iceremony造句ntroduced thceremony同义词e 2016-2017 work plan. She said t宋明昭虞幼窈hat she would ssongmingtick to the purpose of “helping otheheld的原型rs and serving the society”. In thwase New Year, she would provide employment opportuniservicemanties andsongming spiritualwas support for the disabled, care for autistic cceremonyhildren and go to welfare homheld的中文意思es. She would strive to do a good job in social services and expand the influence of Shenzhen Lions Club.

Members of the new cheldenouncil of Songming Service team take thwaspe pledge of taking office,ceremony怎么读 and new members take the pledge of joining the club.

On behalf of Shesuccessfully怎么读nzhen Lions Club, Secretary General Zeng Shiyangwashed affirmed the achievements of Songming Service club in twasphe past five years, and expressed high expceremony翻译ectations for the development of lion seservice和serve的区别rvice in the New Year, wishheld的原型ing songming Service Club strong growth.

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