Xixiang Service Team: held the fifth regular meeting of 2016-2017

Xixiang Service Team: held the fifth regular meeting of 2016-2017

On the afternoon of Novembeheld的中文意思r 9th, 2016, the fifth regular meeting of Xixiang Sefifth基数词rvice Team of Shenzhen Liofifth翻译ns Club was successfully held in the conference room of Shenzhregular翻译en Dona E-commerce Co., LTD. Shenzhen lion of wu xm, 2016-2017 the lion forest project committee, execuheldtivemeeting是什么意思 chai西厢记rman of Chen Jundong, xixiang service captain Lin Qinglong, second deputy captain WenShaoChu, former captain Tang Kai, secretary FeiJun, sergeants-at-arms Peng Jiafifth音标nyue, director of ShenMu, Chen Sheng tide, Xu Chunwu,service的名词 rain, quasi lion u-real yan, zhi-bin deng, and three guests, a total of 16 people were presefifth翻译nt at the meeting. Lin Qinglong chaired tregular反义词he meeting, wen Shaochu, executive chairman of the conference rang the bell for the meeting.

Former president Wu Xiaoming introduced the history of Shenzhen Lteams手机版ions Club and Xixiang Service Club to the liofifth音标ns club members, which made the two prospective lions club members have a clearteam什么意思 undxixiangerstanding ofifth音标f thheldbacke lions Club and the lions clumeetingb me西厢记mbers have a clearerservice怎么读 understandin西厢记作者g of the mission and responsibilfifth基数词ity. Captain Lin Qinglong presided over the discussion of the children’s boheld过去式和过去分词okfifth donatioservicen activity of Shaoguan Ruyuan County jointly held by 5 service teams in November; Cooperate with Shenzhen Lregularizationions Club to hold a community toumeetingyou是什么意思r near Xixiang Hall — respectinmeeting怎么读英语g the elderly and helpregular是什么意思英语ing thmeetingse disabled; In December, together with Guangzhou Mingdao Service Team and Longhua Service Team, we went to Dongtou Primary School in Huichang, Jiangxi province to hold the activity of “supporting the Volunteers ateam是什么意思翻译nd helping the flying”. We also had a hemeetingated dmeetingiscussion onteams the specific action plan and meeting preparatioservice是什么故障灯nsheldback for the 55th Lions Club Far East and Southeast Asia Annual Conferenfifthsce.

After the meeting, we had a happy dinner together. Special thanks to formeeting是什么意思中文翻译mer President Wu Xiaoming for providing meeting space and fruit snacks.

Article/Photo xixiang Service tregularizationeam contributed

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