Poverty alleviation, love boundless

Shenzhen Lions Club Riverside, Futian Service team qingtong village donation tour

  &nbuilding的复数bsp;         Oboundariesn the morning of May 15, 2011, people cr澳门owded in front of tactivities怎么读hboundary翻译e office building of Qingtong Village Committee, Xu薄荷wen County, Zhanjiang City, where the donation ceremony of science and education activities facilities by shenzhen Lions Club riverside and Futian Service team was held. In addition to binhe and Futian, the guests attending the donation ceremony also inclcatastropheuded Bao卜算子咏梅 Shenghong, deputy head of Xuwen County, shenzhen Cityage in Xuwen County & LDquo; Double to & throughout; Working group leader Wu Shengbin, Shenzhen Watercat Bureau & LDQUO; Double to & throughout; Workiagefans动漫官网ng group deputy leader Liu Jianbiao,building怎么读语音播放 Maichen town mayor Ke Jun, qingtong village committee leaders and moceremonyre than 100 villagers representatives.

      &nbsboundary翻译p;     Handover ceremony, President ofactivities binactivities怎么读he serbuild的过去式和过去分词vi奥密克戎ce tsungceremony用什么介词-ju Yang brother lion on behalf of tbuildings期刊he lions club introduces the basic situation of the donation activityactivities翻译中文, according to Yang Huichang, since October 2009, it was his fifth to xuwen, among them, in November 2009, binhe service to xuwen has donated 100 wheelchairs for the disabled and 500 phone radio, This is with the brotherhoobuildingsd fukuda service, joint facilities for qing tong village donateboundlessd a batch of science and educaceremony和celebration的区别tio奥美拉唑肠溶胶囊n activities, the lion friends hope that through this donation act菠菜ivities, rich amateur cultucatalinacruz-imdbral life of the villagers, improvecatti the level of agricultural scattlecience and technology of qing tong village, at the enceremony的名词d of t菠菜he speech, Yang Huicha波音737客机ng on behalf of the lions club wish the villagers grow richer, day the day to day was hot. Later, Chairman Liu Ming also delbuild怎么读ivered a warm spactivities翻译中文eech on behalf of Fukuda.
        &nbsceremonyp;   At the meeting, Director Liu of Shenzhen Water爱马仕 Bureau and Shenzhen reside奥美拉唑n奥密克戎t in Xuwen & LDquo; Double to & throughout; Wu, the leader of the woagefans动漫官网rking group, gave full affirmation andagefans动漫官网 warm praise to shenzhen Lions Club on behalf ofcattle their respective units, while Bao奥美拉唑肠溶胶囊 county magistrate and Ke Mayor, on behalf obuild过去式f xuwen county officials andactivities用英语怎么说 villagers, expressed heartfelt thanks to Shenzhen L啵乐ions Club foceremony同义词r this donation activity.

            In the subsequent handover ceremony, the villagers representceremony和celebration的区别atives to the riverside service team abuildingnd Futian service team presented a banner, the banner embroidered with eight characters: &LDquo; Poverty alleviation, love boundless. ”
            At the end of the handover ceremony, all the participants took a groucatchp photo on the rostrum, under a banner thaage动漫下载t read: &activities怎么读 LDquo; Poverty alleviation, there is true lobuild怎么读ve, Shenzhen Xuage动漫app Wen heart to heart. ” The meeting room brokactivitiese out into warm applause again.

    &n薄荷bscatastrophep;   &nbspbuild;   The representative阿玛尼s of Shenzhen Lions clubceremony和celebration的区别 at this donation ceremony were Brother Yang Zongru, Brother Gao Zhou, sister Zha卜算子咏梅ng Jinbuildingg from Riverbuildingside Service team and brother Liu Ming and brother Yang Linsheng from Futian Service Team.

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