Red Lichee Service team: hold the inauguration Ceremony of the 2019-2020 Annual Change of leadership and Operation Blue Clean Beach

2019On July 13, 2019, the inauguration ceremony and blue Beach Clean Action of Shenzhen Lions Club Red Litchi Service Team was successfully held in Dapeng Beach. Lu Zhiqiang, the first Vice President oholdingf Shinaugurationenzhen Lionredissceremony和celebration的区别 Club in 2019-2020, Zhanteamprog Jian, the Vice Supervisor, Li Zhou, the chairman of The second Zone, Ru Chunxu, the Chairman oceremony是什么意思f the fifth Zone, Rong Jing, the Executive Chairman of the Shenzhen Lioceremony是什么意思ns Clinauguration是什么意思ub Foundation Comm李成敏ittee, A total of 115 people attended the ceremony, including long Yali, the captain of the red Li Service team, Liu Xiaoning, the first vice captain Wu Guicheng, the secservice是什么意思中文翻译ond vice captain Liang Yidong, the thold不住hird vice captain Zhang Ying, the sehold不住cretary Liang Wenjuan, the treasurer Yang Li and other lion friends and their families. In the leadership of the lion friends witness, Liu Xiaoning will be captain ribbteamproon and scepter handed over to Long Yali.service是什么意思中文翻译 The ceremony was chaired by Wu Guicheng.

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At 3pm, the second blue Action and clean beach action jointly held by the slicheeervice te李承铉amreds of Xin ‘an and Honglreductioni, “Embrace the blue Ocean, Cherish the Cradle of Life” started. Lu Zhiqiang, first Vice President of CCPIT Xiamen, made a speech, cservice和serve的区别alling on lion friends to startlicheers from me, start from the side, and actively participate in environmental protection actions, so as to make the ocean bluer and thredise world more beaceremony造句utiful. After the launch ceremony, lion friends and their families braved the scorching sun to pick up Marine garbage and throw themselvhold的过去式和过去分词es into the clean beach operation.  

At 6 PM, with the singing of “I Love the Lions club”, all the lions of The Red Litchi Service team came on stage, and the inauguration ceredmiremony of the new term of the Receremony的名词d Litchi Service team officially began. Rong Jing and Huang Yiqun shold的过去形式erved as hosts of the ceremony.

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Zhang Jian, deputy Chief supervisor, introduced the guests and extended a warm welcome to them.

Liu Xiaoning, the formteamworker team leader, reviewed the love service project and public welfare contribution of the Red Li Servic热点e teamhold键是什么功能 in the past year. All lion friends would like to express their heartfelt thanks for the hard work of the previousservice的名词 team led by Liu X热点iaoning, and feel proud of the progrhold不住ess madeceremony翻译 by the Red Li Service Team in the past yea李承乾r.

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Captain Long Yali affectionately shared their lion road experience and annual work plan, won the unanimous praise of all lion friends. In th李晨e New Year, hong Lai Service Team will inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of the previoreduceus leaders, and build the brand and cohesion of the team tredmik40hrough meetings, social gatherings and service activities.

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Witnessed by Lu Zhiqiang, the first vice pre李承鄞sidentceremony的名词, Li Zhou, the chairman of the seceremony用什么介词cond zoneteam, and Ru Chunxu, the chairman of the fifthceremony复数形式 Zone, the new team leader of The Red Litch李承铉i Service Team was formceremony怎么读ally inaugurated. Lu Zhiqiang, the first vice president, highly pr李承乾aised the achievements made by the Rteamsed Litchi Service tehold翻译am in the past year, aceremony和celebration的区别nd wished that the red Litchi Servicteam是什么意思翻译e team, under the leadership of Captain Long Yali, would carry forward the lion service and create more glory through the joint efforts of all the lion friends in the New Year. &nbspredmi是什么手机;

During the cerhold onemony, the lioholdn sisters of the Red Litchi Service team gave wonderful performances such as the cheongsam show, the violin performance of the lceremony翻译ion friends and the red song singing, which won rounds of applause. After the ceremony, the participants cred怎么读elebrated the birthdayhold of the lion friends thahold的过去形式t mo李成敏nth, and everyone was immersed in joy and happinessinauguration是什么意思.

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Lion love road, thank all the red lizi fservice的名词rienhold是什么意思ds and their families for their great love and dedication; Thanks to shenzhen Lionservice的名词s club and other service teams for their support. In the new lion year, under the leadership of Shenzhen Lions Club, let’s make persistent efforts to join hands with Lion love, happy service and contribute to shenzhen public welfare.  


Article/photo Contributed by Hong Li Serviredce Team

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