Braving the wind and waves, The Long Term Service Team held the 2020-2021 tribute and the 2021-2022 inaugural ceremony

Prosperous open midsummer, fuelfire again. After careful planning and preparation, the 2020-2021 annual tribute and 2021-2022 inaugural ceremoterm怎么读ny oservicef Shenzhen Lions Club Long Ttermuxerm Service Team was held in Shenzhen Seaview Jito Hotel, No. 3 Guangqiao Street, OCT,serviceable Nanshan District o龙王医婿n July 31, 2021. Tian Xingwang, supservice和serve的区别ervibrazing是什么意思sor, Peng Daojian, Vice President, Nie Xiangdong, shi Jianyon龙纹战神g, foserviceablermer president, Xu Qiubin, director of Shenzhen Lions Club, Li Xiaofeng, Fan Guangyu, Lian Chuhai, Yu Xiaoping, Zhang Wei, Zhu Hongwei, Chenservicebio Gang, Wen Zhiyong, Lv Guiqin, proposed chairman of Shenzhen Lionwavess Club. Supwindowservisors Zhou Zwindows更新有必要吗hheld过去式和过去分词ihui, Wu Zhijian, Wang Xuebo, Zhu Feng and other leaders of thterminologye lion Frienwindy是什么意思ds, friends team representatives, members of the long term servicwaves是什么意思e team and their families, social caring people attended the ceremterm是什么意思ony. The ceremony was chairedservice和serve的区别 by Guo Qiang and presided owindy是什么意思ver by Fang Shil龙王医婿ei and Peng Jiaqi.

Under the leadership of ding Renjie, the founding leader of the long Term service team, and Zhen Yongqian, the former leader of thewindy是什么意思 distriteam是什么意思翻译ct cteamouncil, accompanteamproied by lion friends, accompanied by solemn music, all the memb胧组词ers of the long term sterminal什么意思ervice team walked throuwaves怎么读gh thwindowse crowd and entered the stadium happily. Lion frienwindows7旗舰版ds sang "Ode to the Motherland" under the leadership of gao Tianyu, showing the youthful demeanor of all the members.

Guo Qiang, theservice是什么故障灯 chairman of the conference, rang the bell for the meetinupheldg. Zheng Jianhai, the former team leader, introduced all the leaders and guests at the scene of the ceremony. Guo Qiang, the first vice team leader, gave a warteams会议m welcome speech to all the guests.

Former Captain Zhen Yowindows10nupheldg delivered the "2020-2021 Annual Work Summaupheldry Report" of the Long Term Sheldenervice Team. The carefultermitely made summary video made guests understand the long Term Service team's various ser龙蛇演义vices and conference activities in the past year. There were 28 inhwaves价格eritance and charactermux下载teristic activities of the sewaves怎么读rvice team, such as cari龙王医婿ng sanitation workers, lion love Courier stationterm是什么意思 and student education, with 416 members participating iteamviewern the service and 100% membership retention rate.


The financial manager will prepare the 2020-2021 financial report of the long Term Service Team, showinwindows怎么激活g t龙王传说he revenue and expenditure of the long term servic龙猫e team's service expenses and administheld是hold的什么形式rative expenses in the past year.


During the aterminalwarding process, the lion friends who made contributions to the long-tteamoerm service胧组词 team were awarded with outstanding Lion Friends Award, Outstanding Lion Friendsserviceable Award, Outstanding Lion Friends Awardteam什么意思, love companion Award, love contribution Award, besheld中文t public welfare partnerheld是hold的什么形式 award and many other awards.

In the preseteambitionnce of all the lion friends, The 2020-2021 team leaservicebioder Zhen Yongqian solemnly handed over the team leader ribbon an龙纹战神d the badge of authority to the 2021-2022 team leader Zewindows系统ng Xiaoling, and exchanged gifts, so that everyone witnessed the inheritance and gratitude.


Nie Xiangdong, vice President of ccPIT Xiamen, expressed hiterminals encoheld过去式和过去分词uragement anwaves是什么意思d hope for the cohesion and inheritance of the long-term service team.


Zeng Xiaoling, captain of the service team, made a speech on the stage and presented the key points of the annuservice的名词al work plan and the annual goals for all the lion friends. At the same time, she awarded the appointment certificate to the memwindows怎么激活bers of the service team in 2021-2022. We look forward to and believe that under the leadership of the new lheldbackeader, the long term service team will work together and make greater contributions to the development of public welfare undertakings.


Four plwindows怎么激活edge members of the Long Term Service team c龙族ame to the stage to readterminology their pledge to join the club, and led the lion friends to wear badges f龙王传说or pledge members and welcome them to join.

After Yang Weisong, secondwindows更新有必要吗 vice captain, delivered a speech of appreciation, guwindo Qiang, executive chwaves币airman of the conference rang the bell and adjourned. On the evening of the ceremony, the Long Term Service Team held a charitbravingy auction. Guests of the lion friends generously raised their cards and raised a total of 200,000 yuan.

Beginner's mind,To serve, willingShenzhen Lions Club long term Service Tservice是什么意思eamRide the wind and thteambitione waves,Line stability zhiyuan,.Create brilliance again!


Wu Yiying, Long Term Service Team


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