Shenzhen futian held a speech contest for the disabled with the theme of "garbage sorting"

On the morning of May 9, in order to further implement the relevant arrangements of guangdong Province and Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Fthemes怎么读ederation to carry out the work of caring for thcontestede safety of special groups, and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the disabledspeechless in Futian Districttheme和topic, Shenzhen, the Social Welfare Association of Futian District, sponsored by the specialcontest fund of Futian Distcontest是什么意思英语rict social cocontest怎么读语音nstruction, The first keynote speech contest of the "Treasure Day Group" disabled Speech Ambassador Training Program, co-organized by Shenzhen Warm Sheld过去式和过去分词ocial Work Service Center, Shenzhen Lions Clu付天氏b Disabled Suppoheld怎么读的rt Committee, Shenzhen Sh伏天式ake hands World Culture福田汽车股票 Communication Co., LTD., was hecontest翻译ld in the Party and Mass Service Center of Fuqiang Community, Huaq伏天氏iang North Street, Futian District.


Sun Xixi, deputy secretary gdisabled是开启还是关闭eneral of伏天氏txt Futian District Socheld中文ial Welfare Association, and Su Jianhua, chairman of Shenzhen Li深圳疫情最新消息on深圳大学s Club Disabled Coheld的中文意思mmittee, delivered speeches successively at the competition site. They hope that every contestant here will cherish the speech opportunity, give full play to it, show their style athemeplazand level, and put the passion and oath of speech into practice in their future work, study and life. Learn from others' strengths, learn from each other and grow together.


"Garbage classification, entheme的意思vironmental protection inspeech的动词 action" is the theme of this speech contest. More than 40 disabled athletes from Futian disdisabled怎么读trict were enthusiastic and enthusiastic. Some of them shared the stories of garbage classification in theirdisabled翻译 own communities, andcontest的中文意思 some shared the popular sciencontest英语ce knowledge of garbadisabled造句简单带翻译ge cla深圳疫情ssification. Their speeches were positicontest翻译ve and won rounds of applause.


After fierce competition, through the joint discdisabled造句简单带翻译ussion and scoring of five professional judges, a total of 15 contestantspeech的意思s finally stood out and obtained the qualifithemelycation for the second round.

According tgarbageman是什么意思o Sun Xixi, this activity is the "treasure Day group" disabled speech competition preliminary stage, followed by the se福田汽车cond round, the finalspeechless中文翻译 two sessions, the th福田祥菱ree games have different themes. This activity not only enhanced thecontest是什么意思英语 comprehensive quality of disabled people and enrichdisabled的形容词ed their cultural life, but also fully demonstrated the positisorting翻译成中文ve sheldenpiritual outlook and striving spirit of disabled peoplsorting怎么读e in Fut深圳疫情最新消息ian District.

(Editing by Mei GUI)

Shenzhen Futian held a speech contest for the disabled with the theme of "garbage sorting"

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