The second lions Club of Shenzhen community service walk into Huangbeiling community

On November 1, 2020, the second event of the Shenzhen Lions Club community Service series was held at Shenye Dongling Square, Huangbeiling, Luohu District深圳天气. This activity provided red Action blood donation, diabetes prevention education, vis深圳天气ion health consultation, oral heclub怎么读alth free consultaticommunity怎么读音on, TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine consultation, physical moniwalk怎么读toriclub是什么意思ng and othsecondaryer swalk是什么意思ervilion是什么意思中文翻译ces for huangbeiling community residents, with a servlions是什么意思ice fund of 30,000 yuan.

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The event was organized by Lions Club of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Sports Center Operation Management Co., LTD and Shenzhen Blood Cenlions翻译中文ter, and organ深圳疫情ized by service teams of Lions Club of Shenzhen, including Lianhuashan, Oriental Rosshenzhene, Tailai, Bijia Mountain, Chuanyuan, Hualin, Huaqiang, Donghai, Natural, Longcheng, Hongya, Yishan and Zimeng. Xin ‘an, Blue sky, Huanggangsecond, Red Li, Bserviceougainvillea, Yitian, Tiancheng, Mingde and othserviceer servicesecond怎么读 teams cooperated, and received swalking是什么意思trong support from Shserviceableenzhen Sports fashion Magazine Operation Managemwalkmasterent Co., LTD., and Huangbeiling community Party-mass service center.

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Morecommunity造句 than 200 leaders including Zhang Guojun, Director of Liolionsgatens Club International, Lu Zhiqiang, president of Shenzhen Lions Clservicemanub 2020-2021, Wei Xinxin, Chairman of The second Zone, Zhang Zhining, chairman olion是什么意思中文翻译f the Red Action Committee, C深圳市最新疫情hen Jianjun, chairman of the Community Service Committee, Zhong Ruihua, Zhao Qingyun, Sun Mingxia, executive chairmen and comintonationmunity residents participated in the eveclubmannt. Chan Hung-bin, leader of Lianhua Mountain Service Team, served as executive chairman of the evclubman是什么牌子车ent.

Shenzhen drum power peinto怎么读rcussion training institution students wonderful drum set performance opened the prelude of the activity.

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Chinto1成员en Hongservicebiobin, chairmanlions读音 of the confsecond翻译erence, introduced the guests. Chairman Zhong Ruihua introduced tlion是什么意思中文翻译he main content and forms of shenzhen Lions Club’s community service aclubmanctivities to the community resideclubmed官网预订nts, encouraging them to participate activelcommunityy and enrich their lives.

On behalfsecondary of the Diabetes Prevention Propaganda aclubnd Educawalkertion Committee, Suclub是什么意思 Yi wang Sintohi of yishan Service team intrservice是什么故障灯oduced the cauintonationses and control minto怎么读ethods of dcommunity collegeiabetes to t黄贝岭地铁站封了吗hesecond缩写 community residents, calling on every黄贝岭社区工作站电话one to “st黄贝岭疫情op talking and take s深圳天气teps” to jointly prevent and deal with diabetes.

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Zhang Guojun, Director of International And Lu Zhiqiang, President of CcNA, affirmed the promotion of community activities and prowalkposed three steps of community activities — “experience the service content, spwalkmanread to fservice是什么意思中文翻译riends around, and have the opportunity to actively participate”. They hoped that we could jointly promote the construction of community ciservice是什么意思中文翻译vilization. At the same time, President Lu zhiqiang expressed his sincere gratitude for the guidance and support of relevant departments, andcommunity college said that he would lead Shenzhen Lions Club to do more things within his power to better serve thservicebioe community and society.

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On the spot, the community sewalk怎么读rviceclub翻译 committee awarded the community service flag to the service team participating in the undertaking and co-organizing. Next, the Community Service Committee will j深圳疫情最新动态oinwalk怎么读 hands w黄贝岭下村ith thcommunity是什么意思英语e service teams to carry out services in shenzhen’walkings major communities, and do a good job in providing social services centering on the annual theme of “Joy, Responsibility and Good Deeds”, helping Shenzhen Lions Club expand its horizons in the field of public welfare and charity.

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Huangpei Ling community of teenagers and children iservice是什么故障灯n the major黄贝岭地铁站ity. The Communitylionsgate Service Committee invited adolescent visiosecond的基数词n health experts to educate thecommunity英语 community on thservice是什么故障灯e causes of common vision problems such as trcommunity英语ue and false myopia and astigmatism. Experts call on teenagers and children to reduce the finto1小跟班requency of electservice翻译ronic products, improve the use of eye environment, choose scientific and healthy vision care products to eliminate eye fatigue; Strengthen eye education, adhere to eye exercises, and actively pa黄贝岭地铁站rticipate in outdoor sports; Develop golion是什么意思中文翻译od study habits and eyintolerablee habits, strengthen nutrition; Set up the concept of preventing myopia, enhance physical fitness and arrange study time reasonably. The liglion是什么意思ht-hearted explanation benefited thintoe community. On the explanation of the content of the prize to answer, get a warm response from the chilions读音ldren presservice是什么意思ent.

In addition to the lectures on the stage, various service projects off the stage are also well received by the community residents. Lion friends distributed brochures to nearby residents to guide them to choose the projects they were interested in. Ther黄贝岭街道办事处电话e were long queues for blood donation, blood sugar testing, vision care consultation, oral free consultation, TCM consultation and plions读音hysiclubmed官网预订cal monitoring. Communit深圳地铁线路图y service committee will constantly update the service content, earnestly serve the community, serve the society.

[Text] Sun Mingxia

[Photo] Sun Mingxia

[Editor] Ma Huijservice是什么意思uan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Ofclubmed官网预订fice

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