Public welfare business Integration lion Enterprise focus on development – Lion Enterprise Service Committee organized a visit to the great Laser

On the afternoon of October 29, 2020, shenzhen Lions Club’s 2020-2021 Lion Enterprise Service Committee organized lion Friends to walk into thbusiness怎么读e Headquarters of Dazu Lpublic404html乱aser Intlionelligent Equipment Group locbusiness的形容词ated in Fuyong Town, Bao ‘an District, Shenzhen City (hereinafter referred to as “Dazu Laser”). Through visiting, learnienterpriseng, discussion and sharing, the communication between lion enterprises and the frienintegration怎么读dship between lion friends were promotedenterprise.welfare是什么意思 Focus on the ienterprise是什么版本ntegration and development of public welfare and business to empower shiqi enterprises.

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Domefocusky动画制作教程stic repintegration啥意思resentative in shenzhen, shenzhen federation of lion lion li wh, first secretary of the party branch and shpublic怎么读enzhen lionfocusky是什么软件s club President of 2020-2021, zhi-qiangpublic404html乱 lu, second deputy chairenterprise是什么版本man Peng Daojiandevelopment怎么读英语, former Prewelfare是什么意思sident of tian wang, chairman of the zone Wei Xin new, &schwenterprise的中文意思arz, zhi-lion怎么读hui zhou, partition, chairman of the afenterprise怎么读terglow, soup Xue Yointegrationng, sm Wu Zewei, lion enterprise services committee chairman xue-gang li, Executive chairmen Jiang Guowei, Wei Qiaozhu, Li Jian, chairman zhang Shijun of public Welfare Culservice的名词ture Researenterprise是什么版本ch Center, Yu Haiqing of Shenzhen Stock Exchange Center, Tang Yong, vfocus用法ice president of Great Minority Group and first vice captain of Hongfocus是什么意思ya Service Team, as well as representatives of lion friends of each service team attwelfare是什么意思英语ended the evenlionkkt. The activserviceableity was chaired by Mr. Jbusinessman翻译iang Guowei as the chairman, and Mr. Sun Jinghai, the second vice captain of the service team, as the executive chairman, presided over by Mr. Li Xuegang. Huayue service team captain Yuan Yuan, copublic翻译lorful tian service team lion friend Zhou Qing is responsible for the whole live broadcast.

First of all, the person in charge of the ladevelopment同义词替换ser public Department led the lion friends to open the discopublic是什么意思very journey of laser intelligence. In the exhibition halllion翻译, we visited the assembly workshintegration翻译op of customized models anenterprise是什么版本d wadevelopment怎么读tched the assembly process of high-speedbusiness翻译 fiber laser cutting machine,service怎么读 automatic laser piintegration翻译pefocusky动画制作教程 cutting machine, robot 3D laser cutting machine and fifocus用法ber laser independlion的中文意思ently developed by large group laseenterprise是什么版本r. Lion friends deeply feel the grfocus是什么意思eat laser in scientific and technological prenterpriseoducts of the ingenuity and concentration.

Tang Yong, vice president of the group, warmly welcomed the lion friends. He shared the enterprise culture of “self, selflessneswelfares, no self” and the process of enterprise innovation and development. Established in 1996, Dazu Labusinessser is the wordevelopment怎么读英语ld’s largest indufocus怎么读strial laser eqfocusuipment manufacturer. The developmenbusinessliket of laser provides choice and hope for the transformalion复数tion and upgrading of domestic manufacturing industry.

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Lu Zhiqiang, Chairman of CCPIT Xiamen, delivered a speenterprise和company的区别ech, exprpublicessing his appreciation to the service Committee of Lion Enterpribusinesswomanses for organizing this visit and earnestly implembusiness-methodenting the annual key work of “Serving Lion friends and Serving Lionservice是什么意思中文翻译 Enterprises”. President Lu zhiqiang called on everyone tolions activenterprise形容词ely partfocus是什么意思icipate in the production of the corporate directory to enhance the colion翻译nnection and communication between each other. At the same time, he inservice和serve的区别troducedbusiness的形容词 thatservice的名词 the third stop of this year’s visit to Lion enterprises will be arranged in Hoon Group. He hoped that lion friends will talion的音标ke the initiative to learn, communicate seriously, and work together to overcome difficulties. President Li Xuegang expressed hienterprise的中文意思s gratitude to the leaders of dazu Laser for temporarily adjusting the venue to ensure the meeting to be helenterprise翻译d as scheduled.

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Subsequently, President Li Xuegang presided over an exchange forumenterprise和company的区别 with the tservice是什么意思中文翻译heme of “Public welfare drives enterpridevelopment是可数名词吗se development”. During the symposium, Vice President Tang Yong shfocus怎么读ared the thewelfare可数吗me and interacted with lion friends. Lionpublicize翻译 friends enthusiastically asked questions, and the atmosphere was wintegration数学含义arm. Wu Zewei, PhD in management from Jinan University, MBA from Cheung Kong Gintegration英文解释raduate School of Business, and Mentor of Shenzhen Lions Club, shared the theme of “How publilion的音标c welfare can be a booster for enterprise devlionkkelopment, and both of them can be inpublic404html最新网站tegrated and win-win”. His concept of “business for good, publicreintegration welfare for business” has greatly benefited everyone.

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In the public service forum, Former Chairman of Tian Wang, Vice Presfocusedident tang Ybusinesslikeong and Chaiintegration啥意思rman Zhang Shijun shared their views on the topifocus用法c of “how public service can promote enterprises”. Among them, Former Chairman Wang Xingtian told his personal experience that public welfare can promote familydevelopment同义词替换 harmfocuson翻译中文ony and career development. He said that public welfare should not be in conflict with career and family. Vice President Tang Yong shared the concept of “help others to succeed first, you will not be far from success”, which wasservice怎么读 unanimously recognized by everyone. The spewelfare怎么读akers are witty and humorous, areintegrationnd the listeners benefit.

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Li Weihua, the firstenterprise怎么读 Secretary, made a concluding speech, encouraging everyone to bring the concept of “public welfare and integrated development of enterpriseswelfare” back to the service team, and builpublic404html乱d the service team well bfocus用法ased on the service team.

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Finlionkkally, the CSC presented certificatesserviceable to the organizeintegration数学含义rs and shdevelopment怎么读aring guests.

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The relfocusky动画制作教程ationship between pupublicityblic welfare and business is a topic of constant exploration. Lion frenterprise是什么版本iends through the lioenterprise支架n enterprislion的音标e visit learning, enlightening thinking. Thbusiness是什么意思e service Committee of Lion Enterprise will take caring for liowelfare怎么记忆n frienenterprise怎么读ds and helping the development of Lion Enterprise as theenterprise是什么意思英语 purpose, and insist on having you all the way and loving you every day. I look forward to seeing you next time.


[Text] Shen Shi News Agency Yang Yang

[Photo] Shen Shi News Agency Yang Yang

[Edit] Zhao Annie & NBSP, Shenshi News Agency; Office Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfwelfareen

[Typesetting] Du Shaointegration啥意思heng

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