Enterprises offer deep love to help the public welfare

Into the autumn sun, along with the season of harvest, in September, 2020, 10 ~ 16, warm-hearted public wlove is gone英文翻译elfare undertakings for tpublicationhe disabled in the Shanghai hao flourishing network technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referredhelp怎么读 to as the "prosperous food takes") joint shenzhen lions for shahe street, taoyuan street, south bay street disabled friends drinks donated 2913 boxes of plants,public怎么读 the value of more than 76000 yuan.

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The plant drink donated by Wangwanghelpful Food Tenterprise是什么版本echnoloffer是什么意思中文ogy research Institute is a fresh and refined drink extracted from pure plants and flowerslovely什么意思. Tlove直播软件安卓下载here are 3 flavors to choose from, including rose, Chrysanthemum and elderflower. For tofferedhe good work of wangwang food technology research, the disabled friends of occupational health center are very happy. Disabled friends said, "Seeing the drinks donated by Wangwang, my heart is sweet."


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At the donation ceremony, the representative of Wangwang Food technology research said that it is thewelfare翻译 comenterprise是什么车pany's social respenterprise是什么意思onsibilityenterprises怎么读 to give back to the society and coffer是什么意思中文are for the disabled. On behalf of disabled people, the personoffer有没有法律效力 in charge of the health center thankeoffer是什么意思在职场d for the donatiodeepn of wangwangenterprises Food technenterprise是什么车ology research institute. Through this activity, the majority of disabled people felt the concern and care of the society and the authorities for them. The representative of shenzhen Lions club expressed his gratitude for the truoffer是什么意思在职场st of Shenzhen Lions Club and the strong shelpupport for the public welfare and charity. Shenzhen Lions Club will continue to care for and support the caupublic是什么意思se of the disabled, help them solventerprises怎么读e practilove最新版官方下载cal difficulties, and let the sunshine of love illuminate the hearts of every disabled friend.

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[Photo] Wang Lina & NBSP; Jihelpan-hua su

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