Notice on the first Domestic Charity Exhibition public auction buffet meeting related matters

About the first Domestic public welfare and charity project exchange exhibition
Public auction buffet meeting related matters notice

Dear Lion friend,

           exhibition什么意思; The first Domestic Charity Project Exhibition (LDQUO; Goodness throughout the exhibition &; , official website:翻译方法cn) will be held in Shenzhen from 12 July 2012 to 14 July 2012, including the charity Auction Buffet event (& LDQUO; Buffet meeting ”) It will be held on the evening of Jucharityly 12th. This year's Charity Fair isfirstname填姓还是名 the first national charity exchange exhibition in China. Its overall idea is to propublic404html最新网站mote cexhibitionross-border cooperation with an open attitude and attract texhibition什么意思hcharity怎么读e public's attentiauction怎么记忆on and participation in charity and public welfare undertakings through innovative ways of communication andauction怎么记忆 interaction. The buffet will be hosted by Sbuffet是什么意思英语翻译成中文henzhen Civil Affairs Bureau and thedomestic读音 organizpublicize翻译ingpublicizing committee of the first Charity Exhibition in China, and jointly orgaauction的流程nized by Shenzhen Lions Club, Crystal Newspaper Ofnotice是什么意思 Shenzhen Press Group and Shenzhen Charity Federation. The party will be in the form of buffet dinner, with fundraising forfirst是什么意思 public welfare projects as the main body, interspersed with artistic performances.
&first怎么读英语nbsp;           According to the & other; Official Establishment ancharityd social Operation & RDquo; The above activities neauction是什么意思ed to seek generous donations fropublicize翻译m caring enterprises and organizations to raise relevant activities expenses. After deliberation, we hereby inform you of the relexhibition英语怎么读evant matters of the buffet meeting of the Charity Exhibition as followsfirst翻译:

            A, & have spent Outstanding public welfare project solicitation

&npublic是什么意思bsp;         &nbexhibition英语sp; The buffet wilauction的起源l raispublic404html最新网站e money for a number of exauction翻译cellent public welfare projects. Now we are collectiauction是什么意思ng 7public excellent public welfare projects from lidomestication翻译方法on Friends to partexhibition英语怎么读icipate in the candidate of excellent puexhibition是什么意思英语blic welfare projects.
            1.  Project requirements: creative, social impact areacharity怎么读, good response
            2.  Appliauctioncation contents: project (content), activity time, activity location, name of participating service teamauctionator插件, project introduction (project background, implementatimeetingyou是什么意思on plan, estimated fundbuffet的音标raising amount, efirst翻译tc.), project characteristics, persobuffetingn in charge and contact number.
            3.  Deadlexhibition的动词ine for filing: May 23 at 12 aauction.m.
            4.  Application method: please fill in the cold buffet club public welmeeting的音标fare project applmeeting怎么读英语ication form, mail to the district officeszlions_pub@163.coauctionator插件m.
&nfirst namebsp;           5.&nbcharity宽容的爱sp; Contact person: Lin Ziyu, tel: 13923713601.

            Second, & have spentfirst怎么读英语 High quality auction solicitation

            1.  Solicitation: thrnotice用法ee pieces of high quality auexhibition什么意思ction, auction content and form is nobuffet怎么读t limmeeting怎么读英语ited
        &nbauctionsp;   2.&nmeeting造句bsp; Application deadline: May 31.
            3.  Donation requirements: 1) Naked donation;meeting 2) Donations from the donor can bemeetingtencentcom designated for the charity project of thauctionator插件e Buffet Club
 domestic反义词; &public404html最新网站nbsp;       &nbscharity是什么意思p; 4.  The items are approved by shenzhen Lions Club and appraised by experts hired by chafirst怎么读英语rity fair.
            5.  Contact persfirst怎么读on: Zhang Hongxiang, tauction的流程el: 13682331665.

        &nbsnotice的形容词p;   Three,charity音标 & have spent Named unit

            1, & have spent Donation amount: more than 500,000 yuan (including 500,000 yuan);
            2, & havemeeting造句 spent Donation purpose: first used for buffet activities, the rest used for other liauction的起源nks of the charity exhibition;
            3, & have spent Donation process:
     auction的起源   (1) & have spent Reach the initial intention of dondomesticateation;
  &nbfirst是什么意思sp;   &nbpublicationsp; (2) & have spent The organizing committee of the charity Exhibition or the host unit will send a ledomestic怎么记忆tter to invite prospective donors to papublicize翻译rticipate in the charity exhibition;
        (3) & have spent Remit the donation to the special account of the orgadomesticnizing Committee;
      &nbdomestic怎么记忆sp; (4) & have spent Special Receipt for Social Donatmeetingtencentcomion issued by Shenzhen Charity Association.
            4, & have spent Return on Donation:
        (exhibition是什么意思英语1) & have spent Be the name unbuffet和cafeteria的区别it of the buffet club, andauction display it in the press confepublic404html乱renccharity怎么读e, publicity materials, website, news reports,public tickets and other lbuffet是什么意思inks.
        (2) & have spent In early June, the press conference will bepublic404html乱 held in Shenzhen, and the name units will have separate speeches and presentations. The vice mayor of Shenzhecharityn and the superior leaders will attend the press conference, and the natcharity形容词ional meauction的起源dia such as Xinhua News Agency and People's Daily as well as the major TV and print media of Shenzhen will attend the press conference.
&nbmeeting怎么读英语sp;       (3auction怎么记忆) & have spent There will be abuffeted 3 - minute presentation by the nafirstlyme unit at the buffet.
        (4) & have spent The crystal Herald, the designated print media of the charity Exhibition, will interview charity enterprises and lexhibition是什么意思英语eaders, and arrange aexhibition翻译t leacharity和love区别st 2notice怎么读英语 pages for propaganda reports, including one coverpublic.
        (5) & hapublicityveexhibition的动词 spent Shenzhen CCF will issue a Special Recexhibition什么意思eipt fobuffet是什么意思英语r Social Donation, which will be included in the donation amount of the enterprise.
          &nbsauction的意思中文翻译p;   5, & have spent Application deadline: May 23, 12 am; Contacexhibition的动词t: Gaozhou 1meeting的音标37983buffet是什么意思09211.

    &nbexhibition什么意思sp;       Lauctionion friends are welcome to actively participate in the first domesticharity是什么意思c public welfare and charity project exchanexhibition英语怎么读ge exhibitioncharity形容词!

Shenzhen Lions Club
                      &nbbuffetingsp; &ndomestication翻译方法bsp;public         &nbcharity-mindedsp;      domestically             &notice作文nbsp;               &auction的流程nbmeetingtencentcomsp; May 21, 2012

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