Notice | about lions at shenzhen 2017-2018 annual financial training and new fraternity's notice

Notice | about lions at shenzhen 2017-2018 annual financial training and the New Year sodality notice & have spent

Dear Service Team Finance,

This is to hold the lions Club financial Training for 2017-201annual造句8 on March 4, 2018Cum New Year Association.深圳疫情 The relevanaboutcg网站t arrangements atraining造句re hereby notified as follows:

A, & have spent Time:Sunday, March 04, 2notice用法018

Then report; 14:30-17:00 Trainabout是什么意思ing, sharing and commendation;

17:30 -- 20:30 Spring Festival Fellowship (lucky draw).

Second, & have spent Location:Silver Lake Hotel shenzhen

Three, & have spent Applicants:Current service team finance

Four, & hnotice作文ave spent Dress requirements:Lions Club Red Lion costume & NBSP;

This training will arrange financial practice, policies relnotice是什么意思ated to finnoticeancial work, case sharing, etc. Afinancial的名词fter the training, there will be a New Yshenzhenear fellowship activity with rich content. Welcome to participate.

Please send the list of participants to the zhonotice作文u Xiuyuan office by March 1st, tel: 25688190.

Notice is hlions的音标ereby given.

Shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018

Uranus of presidennoticedt

Zhang Jlions翻译中文ian, Chief Finanfinancial的名词cial Officer

February 26, 2018 & NBSP;

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