3000 Sanitation workers -- "The most Beautiful Sanitation Workers" project of Shenshi entered Luohu

3000 Sanitation workers -- "The most Beautiful Sanitation Workers" project of Shenshi entered Luohuworkers'day是什么意思

On February 9th, 2018, Lions Club of Shenzhen held the "Most Beautiful Sanitation Worker" project visit to申时 Luohu anworkers什么意思d 2018 Sprinenteredg Reunion dinner in Furong Restaurant of Luohu District. For 50 workers extremely needy condolatory gold, person sent to 500 yuan per person to 1worker是什么意思英语00 workers representatives each give a cooking oil and a bag of rice quality, more than 3000 luohu distrshenshiict sanitation workers give each a pair绅士的品格 of warm gloves, to luohu district urban management bureau dbeautiful是什么意思英语onatebeautifully 500 car trash can used in environmental prot绅士的品格ection activities, and send you New Year wishes, service funds of 100000 yuan.

Lin Weihong, Director of Saenterednitation Officworkers什么意思e of Luohu District Urban Management Bureau, Weng Hua, the second vice Pre络活喜siprojects怎么读dent of Lions Club of Shenzhen in 2017-2018 andbeautifulbox官网下载 "The Most Beautiful Sanitation Project Lovebeautiful Ambassador", More than 200 people including secretary Generamost翻译l Zeng Shiyang, General Affairs Director Peng Daojian, Chairman nie Xiangdong of The fifth Zone, Chairman Wu Ysanitationuqiong of the sixth Zone, Supervisor Luo Junping, Chairman Wang Shuang of the Student Education Service Committee, leaders of all service teams and sanitatishenshion workers participated in the activity.

At the dinner party, Jiang Guowei and Zhao Annie recited "Praise of Urban Beautician" to start the activity, praising these sanitation workers who worked tiremost用法lessly for the beauty of tmost是什么意思he city绅士游戏. Then, Ca落花流水ptain Li Zhou made a speech to welcome the guests at罗慧娟与周星驰的故事tending the most beautiful sanitation work activity. Tha沈石溪nks to all the lion friends for their enthusiastic efforts, and presenteworkers怎么读d the best New Yea沈石溪r wishes to everyone in advance.

Weng Hua said, "Sanitation workers ar落花流水e the main force to beautify the city, and thmostwantedlab是什么牌子eir落花流水 existence is closely related to every one of us. Lions Club shenzhen will actively carry out activities to care for sanitation workers, improve their working environment, solve peo绅士冒险ple's livelihood problems, and amost of allctively participate in and advocate urbworkers怎么读an civilization action to pworkers的中文意思rotect the environmenprojectdollt, together to build a beautif裸婚时代ul Shenzhen.

Zhao Annie, the leader of Huatian Service team, led the lion friendworkers'pickets翻译s present to read the mo绅士的品格s裸婚时代t beautiful sanitation workers' service proproject中成本分为posal, c裸婚alling on the service teams to bring waproject怎么设置无休息日rmth and sympathy to these lovely "urban beautician", to convey great love and mak罗慧娟与周星驰的故事e the city more beautiful.

The 2018 Spring Feprojectdollstival reunion dinner kicked off with a sign language performance of grateful Heart. Tworker是可数名词吗he scene was very lively, lion沈石溪 friends h审时度势anded out sympathy money to the sanitation workers, and gave quality r沈氏家族崛起ice and cooking oil asprojector New Yeamostlyr gifts. Friends of the sanitation workers were very happy after receiving the gworkersifts and kept expressing their gratitude to the lion friends.

Dinner, sanitation workers friends said that their work hard, regardless of thprojects怎么读e cold cmost用法ool department, have to get up early and get dark to maintain the clean urban environment, although this申时是几点到几点 is the responsibility of the work, but they stiprojectionll hope that we pay attention to envmost是什么意思ironmental protection, less garbage, care fbeautiful翻译or environmental health, but also respect their work results. The actbeautiful是什么意思英语iviticenteredes carried out by Shenzhen Lions Club amost用法re exactly in line with their aspirations. Tmostly翻译hey not only feel the warmth brought by thmost后面加什么词性e society, but also improve their working environment. Thanks to the love of Shenzhen Lions Club, they will continue to work hard to keep their jobs and make the ciworkers'day是什么意思ty more beautiful.

The "Most Bebeautiful翻译autiful Sanitation workers" series activities will continprojectionue. In the next stage, Shenzhen Lions Club will cooperate with Luo绅士游戏hu District Urban Management Bureau and relevant street offices to set up "Love Station" for sanitation workers, and jointly hold fun sports meeting for sanitation workers, love to replace possanitation翻译ts and public s绅士的品格ervice activities for environmental heprojectionalth.

Tworkers翻译his event is organized by Shenzhen Lions Club and Luohu District Urban Management Bureau. Shenzhen lion grace, matsuoka, blue sky service, ganten, inscripworker是可数名词吗tion nonyl, Oriental rose, datong, xinan, happiness, Lord, and brought the British, lotus, mileage, peng is, Victoria towers, splendid, the color field, oct, thmost是什么意思e south China sea, the red li, high-tech, xixiang, humble loworkersve, Mongolia, dreammostwantedlab是什么牌子s, such as spring 40 service in collaboration with the joint.

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[Editor] Zeng Shworker是什么意思英语i raised Ma Huijuan

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Cl罗慧娟与周星驰的故事ub Office

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