Notice on the 2011-2012 Awards of Shenzhen Lions Club

About the Shenzhen Lions Club2011-2012..Notice of annual commendation selection


Dear Lion friend,


According to the Shenzhen Lions Club2011-2lions是什么意思012..clubmedFrom nolions怎么读w on, Shenzhen Lions Club will start theclub用英语怎么说 sclubmedelecti深圳市最新疫情onlions翻译中文 of annual commendation. Pleaward什么意思ase refer to the reward systeclubmanm and rclub用英语怎么说eporting requirements by6month10Apply for districtawards award recently.


A,lions翻译          District awards award setting

1.          Theclubmed permanent award

(1)     Service Team Awards: including golden Lion, Silvelions是什么意思r Lion, oulions翻译tstanding Service Teaaward什么意思m Awaclubman是什么牌子车rd

(2)&noticeablenbsp;    Lion Friend Award: including golden Lion award, Silver Lion Award and Outstanding Lion Friend Award

(3)     Project awards: including Develop深圳地铁线路图ment and Retention membenotice的固定搭配r Award, Senior Lio深证指数n Friend Award, Huawards什么意思ashi Award, Outstanding Service Projectlions Award

2clubmed.          A special prize

(1) “Tree of Hope Launch Award: Includes The Hope Hope Awarawardsd of Excellence, Hope Hope Award of Excellence, Membe深证指数r Development and Retention Award, New Serviceclub翻译 Team Formation Award and Serviceclubman是什么牌子车 Contribution Award

(2)“ The tree of hope&lions音标rdquo;Member Development Awards: including Tree of Hope Contribution Award, Tree of Hope Growth Award, Tree of Hope Ach深证指数ievement Award


Second,  &nbsclubman是什么牌子车p;       Conditions for district awards

1. The permanent award

(1) Service Team Award


Rewar深证指数d name

Quantitative inotice用法ndicators


Golden lion

Regular service team, completeclubman structure and timely report to district council for record;8month31The membership fee has been paid and thlions翻译e accounts meet the requirements of the d深圳大学istrict Council; The secretary should submit the corresponding forms at least on time5Times; The secretary shall report to the DISTRICT Council on the conference, training and service activitilionses in electronic format with pi深圳地铁线路图ctures and pictures5Timesclub是什么意思; Service team unity, nonotice过去式 complaints; Positive membenoticeablership growth; Having a feasible annual plan; Standardized management system, innovative servinoticeablece projects, and social benefits; Actively organize and participate in various activitishenzhenes of district association, federation and Lions Club International; Donate a large amount to深圳天气 Lions Clubs international, Nationalions是什么意思l associations or Shenzhen Lions Fund; In one respecaward是什么意思英语t, he has made outslionstanding contributions to lions devlions英语怎么读elopment, Lions Clubs international, natnotice过去式ional as深圳风险等级sociations and district clubs.

6month10The declaration form was attached re深圳大学cently3And relevant supporting materials or reports to the district council to complete the declarnoticeation.Approved by the district office. Approved by the district council.

(2) Friends and lion prize

Rclub翻译eward objects

Quantitative indicators


Council member


8month31dayPay du深圳疫情es and necclubmanelion是什么意思ssary administrative exnotice是什么意思penses in advance; Positive & otherawards什么意思; Ou深圳疫情最新动态t & throughout; Or one aspect stands onotice作文ut; Actively participate in the activities of the district association, the federation and lions Club International; No bad complai深圳市最新疫情nts, becomeclubman the backbone of lions Club; In one respect, he has made outaward什么意思standing contrilions翻译中文butions to lions devlions英语怎么读elopmclubent, Lions Clubs internoticeablenational, national associanoticedtionsawards怎么读 and district clubs.

See the attachment of the declaration form for detaillions怎么读s4

6month10The declaration forlionsgatem and relevant supporting mateclubsrials or reports will be suawards怎么读bmitted to the district council to complete the declaration. Approved by the district office. Approved by the districnoticedt council.

Chairman of the Committee

See the attachment of the decla深圳ration form for details5

Presidennotice的形容词t of

See the attachment of the decl深圳大学aration form for details6

The secretary

See the attachment of the declaclub翻译ration form for details7


&llion是什么意思t; span style=" font-f

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