Longhua Service Team held the inaugural ceremony of the 2021-2022 term change

On July 31, 2021, the inaugural ceremony of shenzhen Lions Club Longhua Service Team was held at Hengfeng Haiyue Interceremony是什么意思national Hotel iinaugural是什么意思n Bao 'an Dceremony的音标istrict. Shenzhen, sheceremony的音标nzhen lions first vice Presiterm翻译dent of Peng Daojian,terminal什么意思 the lion of, longhua service theld中文eam captain jin-liang wang, director of kevinbales, li li, chaiinauguralrman of proposed partition li bin, lion friends care committee chairman of proposed yong-ping Chen, guide the lion regiment aspiring leaders includterming v龙华寺ice colonel Zhu Daoying lion friends, lservice的名词ove the people, lon龙华区ghua service all theinauguraladdress课件ppt lion and the service representatives attended the ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by Luo Xiuqun and presided over by Liu Huayuheld过去式和过去分词n and Yang Gongsheng.

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At five o 'clock in the afternoon, the Longhua service team, led by the former captain Xu Liteamjian, came on stage with roses in hand. The venue is full of joy, guests lin隆化县疫情ed the road to weserviceablelcoheldenme, solemceremony用什么介词n and exciting moment of the transition is about to begiteamon!

With the sound of the bell hammer i龙华寺n the hands of luo Xiuqun's chairman, the general elservice和serve的区别ection officiaservicemanlly kiteamviewercked off.

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Xu Lijian gave the annuceremony同义词al work repheld的中文意思ort to the last captain. He thanked and thanked every lion brother and lion sister of Longhua Service team for their support and cooperation in the past year. This yeateamviewerr under the successive former caceremony的名词ptain of the compaceremony同义词ny, under the joint efteam什么意思forts of all tterm翻译he lion elder sister elder brother, longhua service in assistive, student, poverty alleviation, to respect, attended, red action, millions of dining-table and other public service projecteambitionts are well completed the annual work plan, the lion commonweal philanthropy handeterminal什么意思d over a satisfactoinaugural address课文pptry answer.

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Wang Lin made a d龙华天气etailed report on the financial income and expenditure of The Longhua Service Team in 2020-2021, strictly followinceremonyg the financiaheld的原型l system of Lions Club and adherinaugural addressing to the principle of fairness and transparency.

When everyone adds firewood, the fla龙荒神王me is high. Every public service of Longhuheld怎么读的a Service team is inseparable from lion friends' strong support and participatio龙华天气n. Xu Lijiteams手机版an, the foteam什么意思rmer leadeheldenr of longhua Service Team, commended and awardceremonyed the members of the 2020-2021 year, thanking the lions and sisters of Longhuaceremony复数形式 Servheld中文ice team for their selfless dedication on the road of public welfare.

In this year, the warmth and dedication of Xu Lijservicebioian's formteamer captain to thservice是什么故障灯e lion龙皇 friends are also remembered by the lion friends. The lion friends of longhua Service team have ofterm翻译fered flowers and hugs to express their sadness and gratitudservice怎么读e for his relonghuasignation!

The cause of Lions Clu龙华寺b is not only a beautiful cause, but also a cause oservicef responsibility and dedication. Its democrteamsacy and lunzhuang culture continue the shining point of history of Lions Club, inject innovative elements into the inheritance, and constantly move to new glory. Witnessed by all the leaders, Xu Lijian handed over the ribb龙荒神王on and hammer sytermuxmbolizing the responsibility and rights of the team leadeteampror to Yang Hongying, completing the handover ceremony of lonheldbackghua Service Team's love inheritance.

The handover ceremony represents restermsponsibility, respoceremony的名词nsibility and dedication; It represents cohesion, inherservice翻译itance a龙华天气nd development; The handover ceremony means effort, persistence and transcendence; Condensceremony的音标ed trust, enteam是什么意思翻译couragement and period wing. Yanheld中文g Hongyingserviceman exchanged gifts with Xu Lijian, the last captain, and paid tribute to all the audience! Thank you for your care and support to Longhua Service Team!

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Captain Yang Hongying delivered the inaugural speech and made theteamo annual l龙华区ion work plan and outlook. She invited the new team leader in dern, witnessed by Zhao Hui and other leaders to make their commitmenteamviewert and accept the commission.

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This year, longhua Service team welcomed three probationary meinauguralmbers, adding new strength to charity. In the presterm是什么意思ence of lions and guests, Mr. Li led the new members to make the pledge and put on tinaugural addressheir badges.teamo Congrinaugural address翻译atulatserviceableions to them for joining the Longhua Service Club.

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Peng Daojian, the first vice Presidentterms of Tinaugural addresshe Longhua Serviservice是什么意思ce Team, delivered a speech, thanking Xu Lijian for the effterm翻译orts of the previous team leader and the team leader, congratinaugural address课文pptulating Yang Hongying and tservicehe new team leader, wishing longhua Service team a new success on the road of public welfare, and presenting gifts to the two team leaders.

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Tinauguraladdress课件pptheheld的意思是什么 chairtermux下载man of law Siu-chun gave a speech of appreciation.

New stermuxtarting point, new journey, "one family, one thing, for a lifetterminal什么意思ime" is longhua service team culture and heritage, longhua service hong-ying Yang captain, have the confidence to lead the team to overcome difservice怎么读ficulties atermuxnd perform lion service, serve the commuterminologynity, friends witeams手机版th longhua service all the lions do not forget to beceremony造句ginner's mind, hand in hand advance together, a chheldenarity with wings of the ideaservicebiolteam是什么意思翻译 and wisdom, and create new splendor on the public road!

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Article/photo & have spent Contribution by Longhua Service Team

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