Mileage Service Team: the first council meeting of 2015-2016

         Mileage Service Team: the first council meeting of 2015-2016

          On the afternoon of July 16th, 2015, the first council meeting of 2015-2016 of Lions Club Miles Service Team was suservice是什么故障灯ccessfully held in the conferenfirstce room of First Health Group. All 34 members of the council attended the meeting. Thservice是什么意思中文翻译e attendance rate of directors is 100%. The meeting was chaired by Captain Wen Shuxian.


      &nbspcouncils;   The firteams手机版st board meeting of this yeameetingsr is the key andservice是什么意思中文翻译 important fmeeting翻译irst step for our board team to carry out their work. Excellmileage是什么轮胎ent board members were actively involved, with a total offirst是什么意思 34 parcouncil怎么读ticipants.


          First of all, we welcome wang Tingting, Ye Jiehong and Li Ying to join us and inject new strencouncil翻译gth inteams手机版to our bcouncilman小体ig family. Xu Shuang, the first vifirst是什么意思ce captain, Yang Hankun, the second vice captain, and Lin Lihua, the chairman of the Student Aid Committee, reported andmeeting的音标 shared the content of the meeting respectmileageplus是啥轮胎ively.meetingtencentcom In the atmosphere of enthusiastic speeccouncilmanhes, positive responses and heated discussicouncil什么意思on, themeeting 3-hour meeting was successfully concluded.
      &nfirst是什么意思bsp;   As the first council meeting of this year, icouncil怎么读t is the key and important first step fofirstr the lion friendscouncil读音 to carry out the work when the council team. Thanks to Baihua Shijie for providing the venue support, fruteambitionits and gifts for this conference, and thanks to all the lion friends for their strteam什么意思ong support and hard work.
          Let us continue to work hard, grow, walk with our dreams, serve happily, and look forward to the convening of the second council.


            Photo by Chen Ziqi/Cheng Xiaowei


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