Shenzhen Lions Club “Walking with Dreams” north Line charity visit successfully held

Shenzhen Lions Club “Walking with Dreams” north Line charity visit successfully held

  &nvisitorbsp; &nbspwalking和walk的区别;   &nbsplionsgate; On October 22,walking the lions Club of Shenzhen “Walking with Dreams” north Line pcharity是什么意思ublic welfare delegation came to Beijing and carried out the lions Club of Shenzhen Tsinghua Scholarship Projectlions翻译中文 and Beijing Chaoyang Park Donation project return visit and donatiolions怎么读n activdreams歌曲ities, with a service fund of 380,000 yuan.
        &nbswalkingp; Zhang Guoyun, cha深圳irman of the Chinese Lion Foundationclub用英语怎么说 and former president of the Shenzhen Lions Club, Shenzhen lions club President of 2015-2016, Lin Tao, supervisors and grandson aggregates, first deputy clionsgatehairman ShiJianYong, dean of general affair TongXin, deputy secretary general lovisitedng-term flash, deputy secretary-general Zhang Hongxiang,north的形容词 member management comvisit是什么意思英语mittee chairman Liclubao Ronghui (eacharityst), the firstwalking是什么意思 partition, lily and second division President, chairman of pashenzhenrtition Cao Haihong 5 and 6 partition on Lu Jin chairman mining-team wide, 7 partition 34 shenzhen Lion friends attended the event, including Zheng Huoping深圳风险等级, Chairman of thdreams翻译e event, Li Wenqiu, Advisor and special Assistant of the president, Lu Zhiqiang, chairmadreamselfyn of GLT, Lin Xiaohonorth是什么意思中文翻译成为ng, chairman of foreign Exchange Committee, And Chen Jundong, Chairman of Student Aid Clineageosommlion是什么意思中文翻译ittee. Qin Bingshuang, the first vdreams怎么读ice chairman, Wu Shenvisit的ing形式gnan, the second vice chairman, Huang Wei, the former chairman, and Zhai Qi, the chairman of the Foreign Exchange Committee attended the evendreamsans图片t.





Tsinghua Scholarship Project: donate another 340,000 yuan to help students teng Fei

    &shenzhennbsp;    Alions怎么读t nowalkingupanddown是什么意思on, the Lions Club of Shenzhen donated 340,000 yuadreams歌曲n to the Alumni Associwalking deadation of Tsnorthplusinghua University indreamstime a ceremony held at Tsinghua University.


        &nbspclubmed官网预订; According to Sun yun, the Lions Club shenzhen深圳疫情 Tsinghua Scholarship Fund project was launched by lions Club Shenzhecharity音标n in December 2006visit名词. With the support of Lions Cluclubmed官网预订b Shenzhen, it was co-founded with The Alumni Alinesssociation of Tsinghua University and深证指数 the Business Newspaper of China. The aim is to help the disadvantaged students of Tsinghua Uniwalking和walk的区别versity complete their studi深圳疫情es and “not let a talented and diligent student miss out”. In May 2007, the Lions Club of Shenzhen donated 660,000 yuan to 65 needy Tsinghua Universitline下载y students to continue their studies.


          At the ceremony, Widreamsanstnevisit的ing形式ssed by Zhang Guojun, Sun Yun and Shi Jianyong, Lin Tao signlions是什么意思ed a 3clubs40,000 yuan donation anorth翻译greement with Tang Jie, secretary general of Tsinghua Alumni Association, on behalf of Shenzhen Lidreamswapons Club. Later, Lin Tao, Zhang Guoyun, Sun Yun, Shi Jianyong, Liu Dongwei andshenzhen other representativclub翻译es ovisit名词f tsinghua Alumni Associlion是什么意思ation unveiled the progrline翻译am. So far, the total amount of the Shenzhen Lions Club Qinghua Education Fund has reachedlions 1 million yuan. Over time, the scholarship fund will benewalking和walk的区别fit more students.



        &nbsnorth什么意思p; Ben Niu, a professor at Tsinghua Univernorthernsity, and representatives of the assisted studenwalking怎么读音ts exprcharity翻译ess their gratitude to the Lions Club of Shenzhen for theicharity是什么意思r donation to the students of the school. During the exchange, the students expressed their gratitude to shenzhen Lionlion是什么意思中文翻译s Club for helping them to study safely. From the deeds of the Lions Club, they feel the warmth ovisit的过去式f the society and the chardreamsans图片m of public welfare, which will lead them to devote themselves to public welfar深圳天气e. One student shared his experience of volunteering to help migrant workers book tickets during the winter vacation, which has been promoted by voluwalking和walk的区别nteer orgcharity音标anizations in mancharity形容词y places.
          Tang Jie, secretary general of tdreamstimesinghua Alumni Association, shared the donation situation to Tsinghua Unline下载iversity from all walks of life, conveyed the determination ocharity怎么读f Tsinghua Alumni Association to usclub是什么酒e the donnorth的形容词ation for the action of supporting poor sdreamswaptudents, and wenorth翻译lcomed thwalking deade general public and lion friends to supervise t深圳地铁线路图ogether. He said that the scholarship Fund has been established for nearly 10 years and is the first of more than 300 scholarship projects at Tsinghua University initiated by a charitable organization. He introduced the culline是什么意思tural andlions academic level of Tsinghua University, andlines pointed out that the improvement of academic level could not be achieved without the recognition of Tsinghua university by the society, and the donationline在中国能用吗 to Tsinghua University and poor studeclub怎么读ntliness by people like the Lion Friends of the Shenzhen Lions Club.


            Tang Jie and Niu Ben, on behalf of Tsinghua Alumni Association,深圳风险等级 presented the donation certificlion是什么意思ate to the l深圳疫情最新消息ions Club of Shenzhen, the lions Club of Shenzhen gaoxindreams, Chuanyuan, Fuyong, Bao ‘an, Huayuan, Xinvisit是什么意思英语 ‘an, Xixiang, Bo ‘ai, Diwang, Huanlion是什么意思中文翻译ggang, Spring Breeze and other lion friends, as well as Sun Yun, Li Wenqiu, Chen Shaohua, Zhu Mingjuan.


          Lin Tao, presnorthland是什么牌子ident of The Shenzhen Lions Club, made a concluding speech at the ceremony. She introduced shenzhen Lions Club andvisit什么意思 its annual key work — public welfare projects. She said that shenzhen Lions Club, as a public welfare charity organization, hoped to inspire more people to join the cline是什么软件harity through its service and spreavisit怎么读d more seeds of love whileline carrying out public welfare activities. “When everyone adds wood, the flame burns high.” She encouraged students to help them as much as they could, so that positive eclubmednergy coulnorth的形容词d be transmitted, and they could build their dreams together and build a harmonious society. She exhorted the students with Mr Merclub是什么意思vyn’s motto: “You can only go far ivisit的ing形式f you start doiwalking deadngnorth怎么读 something for the needy in the world.”


Chaoyang Park bench donation: Spreading lion love culture

   &nblionsgatesp;   &nblionsgatesvisitingp; After the ceremoclubmedny, 34 lions from Shenzhen Lions club went to chaoyang Park to participacharity-mindedte in the bench donation cercharity形容词emony. Shenzhen Lions Club donated 20 benches to Chaoyang Park with 40,000 yuan of深圳疫情 servisitorvice funds. Among them, Shenzhen Lions Club donated 30,000 yuan, shenzhen Lions Club shangbu, Shajing, Yitian, Mingjia Shanpin, Jingtian five service teams donated 2,000 yuan respectively.



          It is understood that the chaoyang Park bench donation project wacharity宽容的爱s founded by the Beijing Member Management Committee of the National Lion Association in October 2006, aiming to provide tourists and residents with a gwalking翻译ood leisure and entertainment environment, while building a lion culture base. In the plineageosast, the Shenzhen Lions cdreams是什么意思lub has responded to the call of the Beijing Management Committelion是什么意思e by participating in activities such as donating benches and shi Ai Wei mountaineering.
          Director of chaoyang Park project, former chairman of Beijing Manvisit是什么意思英语agement Committee Huang Wei, first vice chairman of Beijing Maclub用英语怎么说nagement Committee Qin Bline是什么软件ingshuang elions读音xpressed gratitude to Shenzhen Lions Club for supporting the project, and hoped that the national lion friends will jointly build chaoyang Park project more beautiful.
          Lin Tao, President of ccPIT Xiamen, introduced the reas深圳疫情on of the donation ceremony and affirmed the achievements of the project in environmental protection and lion culture promotion.



  &nbscharity宽容的爱p;      Under the joint witness of lionvisiting friends, Zhang Guojun, Lin Tao, Shi Jianyong, Qin Bingsline下载huang, Huang Wei and other lionclubman是什么牌子车 friends held the unveiling ceremony for the bench donation project. Thcharity的内涵意义en, under thclubmede leadership o深圳风险等级f Lion Friends of Beijing Management Committee, Lion Friends of Shenzhen Lions club visited chaonorth怎么读yang Park which has been donated bylions读音 Beijing Management committee.



By Su Zhuangbin

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