Kunpeng Lion Road grows together — Shenzhen Lions Club “Walking with Dreams” dalian visit was successfully held

  Kunpeng Lion Road grows together — Shenzhen Lions Club “Walking with Dreams” dalian visit was successfully held

        From October 23 to 25, 2015, the visit and exchange activity of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held in Dalian. During this period, Shenzhen Lions Club and daliwalking怎么读an Member Management Committee of Domestic Lions Association jointly carried olion复数ut lion affaclub是什么意思irs exchange meetitogether什么意思英语ng, guide dog project donation activity and Lion Love Bench project donation activitwalkingsticky, with a total of 40,000 yuan donation service funds. Zhang Gu深圳风险等级ogrow什么意思中文翻译yun, chairman of the Chinese Lion Foundation and former president of the Shenzhen Lions Club, Shenzhen Lions Club 2015-2016 President Lin Tao, Firwalking怎么读音st Vice President Shi Jianyongtogether, General Director Tong Xin, Executive Deputy Secretary Lin Yanzhuo, Deputy Secretary Zhang Hongxiang,grows怎么读 member management Committee (East) chairman Liao Rwalking和walk的区别onghui, directoroad翻译r,深圳天气 committee chairman, service team leader and other 28 lion club representatives participated in the activity.
        &nbspgrows是什么意思; On the morning of 24th, shenzhen Lions Club and Dalian management committee held a lion affairs exchange meeting in Dongguan Hotel, 28 Shenzhen lions friends and dalian managemen深圳天气t committee chairman Qu Changli, the second vice chairman Hou Fengchen awalkingupanddown是什么意思nd other nearly 30 Dalian lion friends attended the exchange meeting. Stroadandiroadcam下载ng Director and Deputy Secretarylions翻译中文 General Ma Lizhi chaireclubmedd the meeting.
At the meeting, Hou Fengchen, the second Vice President, welcomed shenzhen Lion Friends to Dalian.



  &nblionelsp;       Zhang Guoyun, chairman olions是什么意思f the Chinese Lion Foundation and former president of the Shenzhen Lions Club, Slions读音henzhen lions first partition of 2015-2016, lily, bran鲲鹏展翅什么意思d project seclub是什么意思rvices commi鲲鹏展翅的神话故事ttee President Feng Qijiang, members keep committee chairman Liu Quanshi Deng Yi, lion enterprise services committee, central servikunpengce financial Zhang Xuwen respectively to share thtogetherbnb娜娜两人互动e lion into the domestic, shenzhen lions partition the President in his work “from 2015 to 2016, the slion翻译henzhen lion Club brand service Project, “Shenzhen Lions Club Membership Retention”, “Lion Enterpriroadsterse Yellow Pages Platform”, “Shenzhentogether翻译 Lions Club 2015-2016 Financial Mlionsgateanagement model” and other topics. The managementgrow是及物还是不及物 committee of dalian Hou Fengchen second deputy chairman, etogetherxecutive director and guide of the llion翻译ion Zhwalking怎么读ang Yan,grow是什么意思英语 19, chairman of深圳 the ninth partition, financial settleme鲲鹏图片nt center finagrows翻译ncial wang lion friends share resp鲲鹏展翅的意思解释ectively the managem鲲鹏展翅的意思解释ent commishenzhenttee of dalian new measures for the annual lion service work, 2015-2016, thegrows怎么读 dalian member mana鲲鹏gement committee, 2015-2016 annual membership development and retention work “, “the groadsteruide dog base services “Project”, “on strengthening the financial management of the service team several practices” and oclub翻译ther topics.










          Lin Tao, president of Dalian Shiyou affecti鲲鹏onately called dalian shiyolionsu “relatives” in her speech. She introduced the origin of this elions怎么读xchange meeting and conlions是什么意思gratulions读音lated dalian Management Committee on its achievements. She pointed out that the financial management of thtogetherbnb补丁e service team by dalian Management Comgrow是什么意思mittee was in the forefclubman是什么牌子车rlionelontwalking和walk的区别 of other member management organizatogetherbnbtions, which provided a referetogetherbnb游戏下载安卓nce for the financial manage鲲鹏图片ment of the service team of Shenzhen Lions Club th深证指数is year. She said the two lions clubs share the same spirit, culture and goals, and established a friendship zone in 2008. She hoped the relationship would cont鲲鹏inue and the exchangkunpenges between the two sides woulclubd deepe深证指数n. She announced that the two sides will jointlytogetherbnb攻略 hold the “Bigcup” golf Tournamen鲲鹏吞噬系统t in Shenzhen, and invited shiy深圳疫情最新消息ou from Dalian to visit Shenzhen.


          Chairmtogetherbnban Qu changli expressed his gwalking翻译ratitude to the Lions Club of Shenzhen fowalkinginthesunr coming to Dalian. He said that the lion business exchange will share very rich content, will provide valuable advictogetherbnb艾米莉双人互动e for the development of Daliawalkingn management Committee. The Lions Club of Shenzhen, as the guidance area of dalian manatogether怎么读gement Committee, is their role modclub怎么读el forever. Reviewing the history of bilateral exchanges, he thanked the Shenzhewalkingn Lions Club for its guidance and深证指数 called the club “my mother’s home”.



          On the afternoon of the same day, The Lions Club of Shenzhen came to the Guide Dog Training base of Dalian Medical University to parlion是什么意思中文翻译ticipate in the深圳大学 service activity of the guide dog base hgrow什么意思中文翻译eld by bincheng Service Team of深圳市最新疫情 Dalian Management Committee and donated 25,000 yuan to the base. China Lion Foundation also donated 100,000 yuan to support the proroad翻译ject.



   togetherbnb娜娜两人互动       Guide dogs, as one of the main means to improve the living conclub是什么意思ditions of visually disabled people, are one of the important indicators to measure the development de深圳gree of civilization, sociawalking deadl welfare and public welfare undertakings of a country, as well as thtogetherbnb游戏下载安卓e degree of conclionelern for vulnerable groups. President Qu Changli announced at the donation ceremony that in order to thank shenzhen Lions Club for its continuous stogether什么意思英语upport and love, he decided to transfer two guide dogs (worth 400,000 yuan) from the guide Dog Base donated by Dalian Management Committee to Shenzhen Lions Club to serve the blind people in Shenzhen.
          Led b深圳大学y Datogetherbnb娜娜两人互动lian Shiyou, shenzhen shiyou visited dalian’s “Shiyou Street” on July 25 and donated 30 shiyou benches worth 15,000 yuaroadx轮胎n t深圳大学o the project. Affected byclub怎么读 the agrows是什么意思tmosphere of the event, President Zhang Guoyun also donated 100,000 yuan to the project onlion的音标 behalf of China Lion Foundation. It is understood that “Lion Love One Street” is a brand service project of Dalian Management Committee, integrating assistance for the disabled, poverty alleviation, orphans and communit深圳疫情y services, which has played a model role for lilionkkons club to deeply enter the community and spread lion lo鲲鹏展翅的神话故事ve in Dalian.




      &nbspwalkingupanddown是什么意思;   Participants have sagrow是及物还是不及物id that from the airpogrow是什么意思英语rt pick up, hotel arrangements, tour route design and other aspects, all show dalian shiyou metiwalking怎么读culous, warm, efficient, thank Dalian shiyou elabtogetherbnb怎么绅士orate hospitality. Througroadcam下载h the three days and two nights of the north Line (Dalian Station) return visit activity, we learned the lion culture, harvest moved, heartfelt thanks to President Lroadcam下载in Talion是什么意思o for initiating this activity.




By Su Zhuangbin

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