Community rehabilitation training for people with low vision (source: Shenzhen Special Zone Newspaper A14)

People with low vision can be trained in community rehabilitation
The first primary rehabilitvision什么意思ation service station was opened yesterday

            Shenzhen specivisionstreetwearal zone newspaper news (reporter correspondent qjh-s wan Zhou Ling) yesterday, the low vision rehabilitation service station street office in longgang district ping kang primary stcommunity怎么读reet as center and liuzhou street center listed, this is shenzhen lions low vision rehabilitation projects listed in the streets for the first time, means that shenzhen low vision community rehabilitation three-level model formally established.

            “ Level 3 mode & RDquo; If the hospital finds a patient with low vision, the patient willcommunity service be transferred to the visual rehabilitation service center of the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation for evaluation, and free visual AIDS will be distributed. After that, they return to the communitypeople怎么读 for rehabilitation training.

            Related links: People can be traicommunity collegened in community rpeople币ehabcommunity collegeilitation & NBSP; The first primary rehabilitation service station was opevision什么意思ned yesterday

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