Low vision rehabilitation System project primary street service station and secondary visual assessment clinic were successfully opened

Shenzhen Lions Club low vision rehabilitation system project
Primary street Service stations and Secondary visual assessment Clinics were successfully opened

  &nbsystem怎么读sp;    service怎么读     On the astation翻译fternoon ofstation什么意思 Augusstation和stop的区别与用法t 13, 2street翻译013, shenzhen Lions Club low vision Rehabilitation System project started operation in eyestreet翻译 Hospital, Peking University Hospital, Honghui Hospital and Nanshan Hospitprojectdollal at the end of 2011. Today, the unveiling ceremony of the lsystem32ow vision rehabilitation primary street service station and the secondary visual assessmestreetlightnt Department was held in The Vocational Health Center of Pingdivision软件 Street, Longcheng Street Vocational Health Centsystematicer and Otservice和serve的区别olaryngology Hospital of Longcheng Central Hostationedspital in Shenzhen. Huang Chunprojectionbin, vice President of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Li Yinvision软件gqiang, Directorvision什么牌子 of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Zhang Xiang, Director of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Zhong Lei, Deputy Director of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Fevision什么意思deration, Zhuang Zhiping, director of Longvision怎么读gavision怎么读ng District Disabled Persons’ Federation, leader of Streservice是什么意思中文翻译et Occupational Health Center, Wu Xiaoming,lower Director of Shenzhproject软件使用教程en Lions Club, Lin Tao, second deputy Director and other standing council membstreetwillers, Representatives of lion friends such as Sunshine Serviprimary和prime区别ce team and Dragon City Service team and relevant members such as Xiao Xingping, project chairman of low vision Projelow的比较级ct management team astation和stop的区别与用法nd former dirsystem占用cpu过高ector of Shenzhen Lions Club attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was hosted by Mr. Tong Xinshi,vision翻译 chairman of shenzhen Lions Clprimary副词形式ub service Project Management Department and Executive Director of Low vision Project.  
            At 3:00 PM, longgang Distrirehabilitationct Pingdi Street Zhikang Center held the unveilprojects怎么读ing ceremrehabilitation翻译ony. Project chairman Xiao Xingvision什么牌子ping shi Jie introduced the background and operation of the project; Zhuang Zhiping, chairman of The Disabled Persons’ Federation of Longgang District, said that the shenzhen Lions Club’s lolower什么意思中文w vision project had a very good effect on deepening thesystem32可以删除吗 rehabilitation system construction of the disabled withlow的比较级 low vision in Longgang Distrisystem32可以删除吗ct, and expressed that they would fullrehabilitation翻译y support and cooperate with the project. Director Wu Xiaoming highly praised the work of the low visiproject翻译on Project team and thanked longgang Disabled Persons’ Federation and Pinsystem翻译gdi district, Longcheng Street and Longlowergang Central Hlow-e玻璃是什么意思ospital on behalf of Shenzhen Lions Club for their support and cooperation. Huang Chunbin, vice president of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation,service是什么意思 said thavisiont Shenzhenlower什么意思中文 Disabled Persons’ Federation attaches great importance to the low-vision project and has included the prostreetcarject in the 12th Five-Year Plan of shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation. He hoped to explore and promotloweste the experience of the rehabilitation of people with low vision in shensystem函数zhenprojector through the low-serviceablevision project of Shenzhen Liolowns Club. Huang Li fulvisionstreetwearly arehabilitation什么意思ffirmed that the establishment ostationf the primary service station and the secondary assessment department played a positive role in promotservicebioing the development of low vision rehabilitationsystem翻译 in Shenzhen.
            The low vision rehabilitatprojection project has been in operation for nearly two years since its launch in 2011. The project has received strong support from Shenzhenstation和stop的区别与用法 Disabled Perstation什么意思sons’ Federstreet是什么意思ation, Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission, Shenzhen University and variousvision软件 hospitastreet怎么读英语单词ls, and has also been promoted by Lstation的音标ions Club International and Lions Club shenzhen in terms of funding, publicity and services. This project opens up a new way to explore and try avisionpro rehabillowaitation model for people with low vision. We believe that thvisionary翻译is pilot project wilproject翻译l make a positive contribution to the rehabilitation of people with low vision in China.  



                      &nbsstation的音标p; &nstreetcarbsp;   After the ceremony, the Lion friends of sheprimary的中文意思是什么nzhen Lions Club sunshine Service team visited the disabled people in Pingdi Street Vocational Health Center and donated RMB 200,000 yuan to the center.


  &nstreetbsp;         At 4:30 PM and 5:10 PM, all staff went to Longcheng Strstreetcareet Vocativision什么意思onal Health Center and Otolaryngology Hospital of Longgang District Central Hospital to attend the unveivision什么牌子ling ceremony of Longcheng Street Service Statiostreet怎么读n of low visionstationed rehabilitation Center and Visual Evaluation Department of Longgang District Central Hospital respectively. After the ceremony, lion friends of Shenzprimary读音hen Lions Club longcheng Servsysteminfoice team visited disabled people in Longcheng Street Vocational Health Center for the Mid-Autumn Festival.




    &primary副词形式nbsp;   &nblowersp;   As of the date ofservice是什么故障灯 publicatprimary副词ion, Shenzhen lions low vision rehabilitation tertservice是什么故障灯iary system in shenzhen disabled persons’ federvision什么意思atisystem函数on, who committee of shenzhen, shenzprojectdollhen assistive devices center, shenzhen university, eye hospital, disabled persons’ federation, tvision怎么读he Red Cross hospiprimary副词tal of Peking University hospital, nanshan hospiprimary keytal, longgang district, disabrehabilitation翻译led persons’ federation, longgang district central hoprimary和prime区别spital, ping street office, center, high street, shenzhen lions low vision wsystem是什么程序ith project team andprojects怎么读 the participation of each sesystemrvice It has been preliminarily completed under the support and promotion. In the past two years, with the cooperation of all parties, the low vision Project team has also estabprimary翻译lrehabilitation翻译ished a set of screening, assessment, referral, rehabilitatistationery什么意思on training, acceserviceablessostationry fitting and rental systems for patients with low viproject怎么设置无休息日sion, and carried out rehabilitation training for nearly 500 patients, creating conditions for theirstation return to society.



By Zhang Li-chen & NBSPsystem32可以删除吗; Photo/Zhang Lichen

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