Technology leads the future of Qiaoyun Shiqi Enterprise Service -- Shiqi Enterprise Service Committee organized a visit to Qiaoyun Company

On September 27, 2020, (2020-2021 shenzhen lion lion enterprise services committee organization liontechnology怎么读英语 friends into the shenzhfuture怎么读音en overseas Chinese cloud technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "ovcommittee造句erseas Chinese" cloud company), thr乔云希ough a tour of the learning, discussion, exchangeleadshine伺服驱动器, friendship, fellows侨云科技hip, sports, etc., promote the friendship between the friends and lion, pro湿气重的表现症状mote study and communication between lion enterprise, enterprise can assign for lions.

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Lu Zhiqiang, president of Shenzhen Lions Club, Tian Wangxing, former president of Shenzhen Lions Club, Wei Xinxin, chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club, Gao Ling, ch乔韵不需要安慰airman of Shenzhen Lions Clubcommittee和council, Li Xiaofeng, Chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club, Wu Zhijian, Yu Hui, Wang Haiyan, supervisor Lfuture bassi Zhou, Chen Qunhao, and re乔蕴的补丁人生快穿presentatives of lion friends of each service team attended the event. Huang Jiankang, executive Chairman of lion Enterprise Service Committee, is the chairman of the conference. Huang Jiankang and Feng Ziyufuture翻译 are in charge of the oventerprise是什么意思英语erall arrtechnology翻译angement. Lin Xiaoyi, captain of Happy Service Team, Yuan Yu乔云an, captain of Huayue service team, and Li Zhou, captain of Fairy Lake servifuture是什么牌子ce team, on behalf of Shi Xianghui, broadcast the whole event.

First of all, under the guidance oenterprisef the professiontechnology和techniqueal staff of Qiaoyun company, shiyoenterprise支架u visited the wocommitteesrkshop and had a deeper understanding of the development h湿气重怎么调理istory and corporate culture of Qiaoyun Company.

Later, Brother Feng Hosted aleads怎么读n exchange forum. Mr. Li Xuegang, chairman of lion Enterprise Service Committee, introduced the guest侨云科技apps and said that the lion fr十七中门口车祸iends should pay attention to the "small details" of the venue. He thanked Formerorganize读音 President Tian Xingwang anservicebiod Sister Zhuqiaoyun Qingqing for meticulously arranging the venue and preparing fruits and desserts for everyone.

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Tian Wangxing, chairman of Shenzhen Qiaoyun Technology Co., LTD., warmly welcomed the lion friends. He shared the 29-year development history andorganized怎么读 corporate culture of Qi乔蕴的补丁人生快穿aoyun Company. From zero to now, the coshiqimpaleads什么意思ny has grown to a scale of more than 2000 employees, which embodies the wisdomfuture bass and sweat of all employees. Lion friends actively participated in the interaction and raised a lot of questions about the development of the enterp湿气太重怎么排出来最简单的方法rise. Tian Wangxing, ftechnologyormer cleads什么意思hairman of the Company, explained and analyzed them one by one.

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Lu Zhiqiang, president of Shenzhen Lions Club, briefly introduced the developmenleads翻译t history of shenzhen Lions Club. At the same time, he explaine湿气重怎么调理d that choice is more imp乔云ortant than hard work, and emphasized the importance of enterprise people's persistence a巧云nd perseverance for enterprise developmfuture4200ent.

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In the afternoon, it ralead是什么意思ined, but it didn't quench the enthusiasm of the fierce match between the shenzhen Lions basketball team and qiaoyun company basketball team. In the end, the deep lion basketball team beat the Qiaoyun company basketball teamorganized怎么读 by 13 to 12. President Lu Zhiqiang presented gifts to each participating athlete.

After the competition, led by Huang Jiankang aservice的名词nd Feng Ziyu, we experienced the working meal in qiaoyun Canteen. Finally, lion fri乔云希ends came to the eleg湿气最怕三种水果ant wine tastorganize的意思ing prepared by Qiaoyun Company to learn about wine under the explanation of professional wine tasters.湿气太重怎么排出来最简单的方法 Atleads the scene, qenterprise和company的区别iaoyun company staff and shiyou representatives prepared a wonderful poetry recitation for everyone. Qiaoyun also orchestrated a lucky draw. Lion friends while tasting wine, enjoying recitation, and looking forward to the luckenterprise翻译y draw, very happy. The scene was full of climax and atmosphere.

This exchange activity let lion friends harvest rich knowledge and fufuturell of happiness. Lu Zhiqiang, president of The Company, said that through the visit and study oservice怎么读f lion enterprises, we can get closer to each other, so as to better drive the enthusiasm of lion friends, and also hope to help more lion friends. Huang Haiqun湿气重怎么调理, former leader of X乔云ingzhi Service team, said that he gained a lot from this activity and hoped that other lion friends who did not come to the scene coservice和serve的区别uld also learn excellent corporate culture through the contentleads在销售里什么意思 shared in the group. Zeng Xuemei of Huatian Service team felt that through this visit, she experienced the tenacity and macommittee和commissionnagement courage of an excellent enterprise. President Li Xuegang lamented the close relationship betshiqiween public wtechnology什么意思中文elfare culture and enterprise culture, and said that he would organize lion Friends to go to more enterprises侨云科技app for exchanservice翻译ge and leatechnology和techniquerning.

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[Text] Shen Shi乔韵不需要安慰 News Agency Chen Xinhong

[Photo] Chen Xinhong, Shenshi News Agency

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[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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