Set sail for love and realize dreams — Shenzhen Lions Club launched the fifth phase of “Sunshine Talents” Guilin Education program

On October 18, 2020, the fifth donation ceremony of “Sunshine Talents” Guilin Education Project of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held in the lecture hall of No. 18 Middle School of Guilin city. The activlovely翻译ity donated 5,000 yuan of grants and thermos cups to each of 30 poor students of No. 18 Middle School of Guilin city, and the service funds were 188,000 yuan.

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This activity is guided by the Domestic Liset是什么按键ons Assoclove最新版官方下载iation and guilin Educationset是什么按键 Bureau, sponsored by Shenzhen Lions Club and undreams怎么读dertaken by Diwang, Huaxiang, Huashang, Manshuwan and Gulove最新版官方下载ilovelylin No. 18 Middle School. Spring Breeze, Yantian, Xiangshan, Happiness, United, Xixloveiang, Bao ‘an, Silver Lake, Blue Sky, Hand in Hand, Sweetclub怎么读 Lake, linkedin, Jingfeng, Longcheng, Xinzhou, Jingtian, Shajing, Xinxing, Mingren, Bagualing, Taoyuan,lion是什么意思 Jinming Art and othesailr service teams are co-深圳疫情最新动态organized, which have received strong sulove直播软件安卓下载pport from the guiclubslin municipal authorities and the Guilin Municipal Education Bureau.

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Liu Xiaosong, member of thesail Party Group of Guilin Education Bureau, Zhan Y塞来昔布i, principal of Guilin No. 18 Middle Ssetup是什么意思chool, Sheng Jiusheng, Wu Daigang, Deputy director Zhao Junhua, Deputy Secretary of the Joint Branch Committee of The Domestic Liolaunchedns Association Gulove最新版官方下载o Keli, Secretary General of Shenzhen Lions Club Lai Zhuoni, Deputy Secretset offary General Liao Ronghui, Supervisor Tang Haozhi, More than 70 peopl塞来昔布e, including representatives of various s深圳疫情最新消息ervice teams, family members of lion friends and tedreamsansachers and students from no. 18 Middle School, participated in the activity. The event was coordinated by Mr. Liao Wing-fai. The donset是什么意思ation ceremony was chaired by Tang Haozhi and Meng Chun.

The chairman of the meeting tolled the bell to start the meeting

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Principal Zha赛罗奥特曼n Yi introduced the leaderslovealarm and guests and expressed heartfelt thanks to all leaders for coming. He said that the “Sunshine Talents” slaunched翻译ervicclub是什么意思e program inlove直播软件安卓下载 Guilin provides material and spiritual help and guidance to students, and gives them wings for their healthy growth. It is reported that among the first batch of graduates sporealizednsored by The Lions Club of Shenzhen from No. 18 Middle School in Guilin, 4 students succeeded in gelovely翻译tting into the ideal universities with scores far above the first-grade linerealize的用法.

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Domestic lion association party branch secretary Guo Keldreams翻译i saidTo strengthen basic edlovealarmucation is the primary task of building an educational power inrealize的用法和搭配 China. The “Sunshine Talents” project held by Shenzhen Lions Club has attracted the attention of The Domestic Lions Club and provided valuable experience for the direction and practice of financial aid. It is hoped that The Lions Club of Shenzhen will earnestly sum up the experience in the service projeclions怎么读t and carry on the project coset是什么意思车上的ntinuously. We h赛乐赛ope that the educational activities of Shenzhen Lions club will geclubman是什么牌子车t the full s深证指数upport frlion是什么意思om the educational circles in Guangxi.

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Secretary Geclub怎么读neral Miss Rajeni introduce深圳疫情最新动态d the details of tlions的音标he Sunshine Talent Service project. Since the official launch of the “dreams翻译Sunshine Talents” education program in Guilin on December 29, 201setting6, Shenzhen Lions Club has held five “Slion是什么意思unshine Talents” education programs in Guilin, with a total serrealizedvice fund of 830,100 yuan. Lions Club shenzhen will continue to carry赛龙舟 out extensive service activities based on the governaset是什么意思车上的nce model of the construction of a new type of social organization with Doclub是什么意思mestic characteristics, integrate more resources, vigorously support and encourag赛罗e the sclubmedustainable development of brand projects, and contribute to poverty alleviation.

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Liu Xiaosong members of the Party expressed warm welcome and heartclubmedfelt thanks to all of y赛龙舟ou. The educational act深圳疫情最新动态ivities of Shenzhen Lions Club have injected a new wind into the education system of Guilin city. We aredreams歌曲 very grateful for the silent dedicarealize的用法tion and selfless help of Shenzhen Llions是什么意思ions Club to the basic education system of Guililionsn City. At the same time, he hoped that the students would keep in mind the theme of “Sunshine Talents” and become “sunshine talents” who are hardworking and enterprising. It is hopeddreams歌曲 that no. 18 Middle School will take this as a platform to summarize the exlovealarmperilaunched是什么意思ence and methods and promote this kind of educatiorealize是什么意思中文nal aid program to other schools in Guilin city. Finally, he wished that Shenzhen Lions would belionsgatecomelaunched more and more prosperous.

Liu Xiaosong, party member

Project C赛龙舟oordinatdreamsansor, Mr Llionsiao Wing-fai announces the list of students who have won the fifth深证指数 rouset翻译nd of the Sunshine塞来昔布 Talent Programme. He to domestic lion federation of guilin “sunclub用英语怎么说shine talent” the heightlove直播破解版 of the services muslove直播破解版t than赛龙舟k, to guilin bureau of educatisettingon and ShiBaZhong learn leadership to waset是什么意思nt to thank you for the support of the “sunshine talent” project, for each host, coopeclub是什么意思rative service thanked the lion of selfless dedication, for Guo Ke vice secretary of the personal donations for the guilin “sunshine talent” project for funds thalion是什么意思中文翻译nks.

Liao Ronghui JPG.

Lion friendslovealarm for elder sister zhang ling, guo yj lions, brother to speak, they say, students from poor families like the inside of the city students, sunshine, lively, with a lofty ideal and goal, but because they werlovely翻译e born in深圳疫情最新动态 a poor family, lost a lot of stage to show their talent, hope morlaunched怎么读的e social loving深圳 people plove直播软件安卓下载ay close attention to these poor students, help them grow up better. Student representatives Peng Zi and Huang Wenhui gave a speech on stage. They expressed their heartfelt thanks to the深圳大学 sponslove直直播apporship of shenzhen Lions Club, and determiset是什么意思ned to work hadreams是什么意思rd, study hard and live up to the lovelaunched of Lion flovealarmriends.

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Secretary General Lai Zhuoni and Deputy Seclions翻译retary General Liao Ronghui presented the flarealize的用法和搭配g of president of Shenzhen Lions Club to party members Liu Xiaosong and principal Zhan Yi. Thirty ssettletudents took to the stagrealizede to receive donations. In order to thank all the service teams for their support of “Sunshine Talentslions是什么意思” project, the project team presented a certificate oflove appreciation and a pennantlions是什么意思 to the captains and represlions的音标entatilove is gone英文翻译ves of all the service teams.

Before the donation ceremony of The “Sunshine Talents” service project in Guilin, lion friends traveled all over guilin city, making field visits to the families of the students to learn深圳疫情最新动态 aboutlove直直播app their families and study conditions. Donation ceremony just ended, the fiery red figure flashing in the crowd, hurried away, grealizedathering is a mass of fire, scattered stars塞拉利昂油罐车爆炸. Thecluby are the practitioners of the “four out”setting spirit, the most beautiful light on the road tsettleo public welfare.

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Participants of this activity:

I. Guidingshenzhen unit: Domestic Lion Association, Guilin Education Bureau

Organizers: Shenzhen Lions Club

Organizers: Diwang, Huaxiang, Huashrealize的用法和搭配anglions是什么意思,love直播手机版app下载 Mangrove Bay, Guilin No. 18 Middle School

4. Co-organizers: Spring Breeze, Yantian, Xiangshan,love最新版官方下载 Happiness, Unite深圳疫情最新动态d, Xixiang, Bao ‘an, Silver Lake, Blue Sky, Halionsgatend in Hand, Sweet Lake, linkesetup是什么意思din, Jiclubmed官网预订ngfeng, Longchlionsgateeng, Xinzhouset翻译, Jidreamswapngtian, Shajing, Xinxing, Msettlementingren, Bagualing, Taoyuan, Jinming Art Service Team.

[Text] Zhou Wenguang

[Photo] Zhou Wenclub用英语怎么说guang

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

【 Composition 】 Qiu & NBSP;   peng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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