Shenshi Community Service Center and shelter was officially inaugurated in Gangzhou Village, Simapu Town

On October 19, 2020, the Shenshi Community Service Center and shelter was officially completed in Gangzhou Village, Simapu Twaspown, Cshelter避难所haonan Distrwaspict, Shacenterpointntou city after nearlyservice和serve的区别 two years of construction assisted b肛周脓肿吃什么消炎药y Shenzhen Lions Clubwaste. Shenzhen Shiycenterou group of more than 20 people went to G申时angzhou Villageserviceman to attend the opening ceremony, Port chau village shelters and to donate two computer desk, desk, 30 pieces of stainlcommunity collegeess steel folding chairs, 2 20 folding bed, zhang bing pong table 1, 2 sets of boo绅士的品格kshelf, onofficially是什么意思英语e automatic mahjong table, 1 office computer, 30 affairs double tents, quilts, 14 60 san沈石溪dbags, 20 rechargeable flashlight, a liwasn’tfeboat, 10 lif肛周脓肿术后多久愈合e jackets, 10, 10 lifebuoy Deck of cards, 10 deck of bridge, 2 sets of Chinese ch沈氏家族崛起ess, 1 set of dart board and othecenteringr macommunity怎么读terials, service funds of 47,200 yuan.

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Su Zeran, former supervisor of Lions Club of China, Weng Hua, last president of Lions Club of Shenzheofficially英语怎么读n in 2020-2021, Ma Min, chairmgangzhouan of Lions Club of China service Acshelteringtivities Committee and former President of Lions Club of Shenzhen, Du Hengkun, former secrshelter避难所etary general of The Lions Club of Shenzhen, Li Xiaofeng, Chairman of the Foofficially翻译urth Discenterm是什么牌子trict, Chen Xusheng, Chairman of the sevenwasth District, Dong Jun, chairman of the 11th District, Qian Lin, Chairman沈氏家族崛起 of the 13th District, Wang Yibing, Chairman of the 15th District, Dai Jialin, Cservicehairman of the Targeted Poverty Allecenter翻译viation Coshenshimmittee, some 2018-2019 service team leaders and lion friends of the Silver Lake Service Team, As well as Simapu town committee, Gang Zhou village committee leaders and other 29servicebio people participated in the activity. The activity was chaired by Dong Jun as the chairman of the conference.

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Gangzhou Village is a famous “flood village” in Chaonan area. On August 30, 2018, due to the severe flood in eastern Guangdong, the whole villinaugurateage was fwashedlooded, and the villagers were dishelter英文是什么意思啊fficult to move, resulting in serious losses. As the waters recedwashingtoned, water lines could be seen on the walls of Gangzhou village, wheservicebiore a longwaste-built and dilapidated shelter was piled up on the doorways of affected famiinaugurate怎么记lies.

After the disaster, The Lions Club of Shenzhen quickly called on the service teams and lion friends to take ashelter翻译ction and make donations for the emergency assistance anwashd post-disaster construction. Ma Min, president of the company at that timshelter避难所e, personally took Shiyou to the front of the disaster area to sofficially是什么意思end relief materials worth 300,000 yuan to the disaster area and investigate the local disaster situation. Lu Zhinaugurateiqiang, the second vice President at that time, served as the general coordinator of the pro沈石溪ject, and wecommunity怎么读音nt to Ganservice是什么意思gzhou Village fcommunity是什么意思or field visits witservice怎么读h Shiyou for many times, actively promoting the progress of theshelter project.inaugurate的意思 Weng Hua, presi肛周脓肿吃什么消炎药dent of 2inaugurate019-2020, strongly supported the implementation of the project durinwashingtong his term of office, anservice是什么故障灯d purchased necessary materials for gangzhou Village shelter to support 50,000 yuan of service funds.

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During the inv肛周皮下脓肿estigation, shiyou learned that the villagers were looking forward to rebuilding沈石溪 after the disaster, and hoped to rebushelter简谱ild their shelters on higher gshenshiround to protect themselves against natural disasters in thecenter future. Tcommunity servicehe Lions Club of Shenzhen promptly provided post-disaster assistance and built s绅士冒险hgangzhouelters to help villagers relocate, help victims resume normal production and life as soon aofficially怎么读s possible, andwas怎么读 puwas怎么读t the relief funds to practical uscommunity collegee. The Gangzhou Village Committee provided the common land for the village office to transform into the Gangzhou Vi肛周皮下脓肿llage commuservice是什么故障灯nity service center and shelter, which improved the comprehensive service efficiency of the community service center and enhanced the ability of thcommunity collegee low-lying area to resist the flood disaster risk.officially是什么意思 Thanks to our joint efforts, the Project was successfully completed and officshenshiially openedinaugurate.

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Flood merciless, lion friends have love. Shenzwas怎么读hen Lions Club, as a public welfare charity service organization, has been timely inforshenshimed of thcenter用英语怎么说e situation of the chaonan flood since its occurrence, and acted quickly to participate inwashington the disaster relief and post-disaster reconstrshelter避难所uction work. Aft肛周皮下脓肿er the District Council initiated the chaonan Flood relief initiative, the service teams respcenter什么意思onded quickly and actively responded to the call to mashelter歌曲ke donations for emergency assistance and post-disaster conswas怎么读truction. The Silvshelterer Lake Secommunity怎么读音rvice Team continued to follow up thcenter是什么意思中文e progress of the project. The aid to the flservicemanood in Chaonan reflected the care of shenzhen Lions Club for the people in Chaoshagangzhoun area. Lions club members participateofficially怎么读d in the aid, on-site investigation, construction support, inspection and opening of the sservicebioign an肛周脓肿术后多久愈合d so on, demonofficially是什么意思英语strating the spirit ocommunity是什么意思英语f “four out” vividly.

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A total of 127 service teams donated 1,193,300 yuan to thservice和serve的区别e east Guangdong Flood relief project of Shenzhen Lions Club, and the materials collected were worofficially英语怎么读th 95,000 yuan. Weng Hua, p绅士冒险resident of Swashhenzcommunity servicehen Lions Cluinaugurateb, donated 50,000 yuan in 2019-2020. Shenzhenwashington Lions Club donated relief materials worth 628,000 y肛周脓肿形成的原因uan for post-disaster emergency assistance, 660,000 yuan for the construction of the Gangzhou Village shelter, and 47,200 yuan for the Gangzhou Village shelter, with a total investment of 1.335,200 yuan.

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In front of the flood, behind is the family home, lionofficially英语怎么读 fr绅士游戏iends no matter where they aresheltering, h肛周脓肿一定要开刀吗ave built an iron wall to resist the flood. Lion friendscenterm是什么牌子 stood in front ofshenshi the new shelter, looking foshenshirward twasn’to the bright future of Gang Chau Village. We hope the villa沈石溪gers can rebuild their homes and enjoy a better life. We hope that the shelterservice built bofficiallyy The Lwashingtonions Club of Shenzhen can protect the people, make thwashe villcommunity serviceagers feel the warmth and care of the society, and enhance their申时是几点到几点 sense of happiness, gain and security.


[Text] Yang Xin

[Photo] Provided by eastserviceable Gua绅士冒险ngdong Flood Reconstruction Pro肛周瘙痒用红霉素软膏吗jec申时是几点到几点t Team

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Qiu Peng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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