Notice of Shenzhen Lions Club on regulating service activities for visiting veterans

Service teams:

Recently, shenzhen lions club received a letter veterans affairs and the Ministry of Public Security patrol, in accordance with relevant state laws and regulations, the dlions读音omestilion是什么意思c lion federation,深圳天气 the requirement of the registration administratio深圳天气n organ and the competent businotice翻译ness unit and in combinaticlubon with the relion是什么意思levant provisions of the articles of association of shenzhen lions, to guard against risks, further standardize service sympathy veteran service activitieactivities怎么读s, wvisiting为什么不双写ilnotice的固定搭配l now about thaclub翻译t notice the following:

I. Standardize and carry out serviclub用英语怎么说ce activities for visiting veterans.

The service team shall carry out activities accactivitiesording to the relevant深证指数 regulations of the local Veterans Aclubmedffairslions怎么读 Bureau, and carry out consolvisitingmyfriend作文ation activities ac深圳疫情最新动态cording to the list of recipients provided by the local veterans Affairs Bureau.

Complete the report tolions的音标 the local Veterans Affairs Bureau in advance.

Theclubmed官网预订 service team shall file with the local veterans Affairs Bureau beclub怎么读fore carrying ouclubt the consolation servservice是什么意思ice activities.visiting是什么意思英语 The service team sveteran怎么读ubmits a liaison letter to the local Veterans Affairs bureau, which has been approved by the district council and approvclubsed by the local Veterans Affairslions Bu深圳reau, and conclub怎么读firms the list of visiting veterans.

Declare the service activities of the service team in advance.Service sympathy veteran service activities, need to approvednotice翻译 bvisiting是什么意思y the service captain team meeting to discussclub是什么酒, after five working days before the ac深圳风险等级tivities, fill out the service application form and the service captain team meeting resolution, anoticeablend attach the local veterans affairs bveteran怎么记忆urserviceeau agreed to carry out this activitnotice用法y list of documents and sympathy veterans, make declaration will submit distrclubmedict offices.

4. Any veteran consolation service activity without appclubman是什么牌子车roval shall not be carried out in the nameactivities思维导图 of Shenzhen Lions Club or its intnoticeernal or subordinate organizations.If the activity application has been appactivities的中文roveshenzhend, if the activity decides to reschedule or cancel, or the activity contenactivitiest changes, it should inform the district office in time.

Standardiz深证指数ing veteran service activities is conducive to the healthactivities思维导图y and orderly development of Shenzhen Lions Club anclub是什么酒d avoiding risks. Please standardize veteran service activities as required.


Shenzhen Lionsnotice翻译 Club & NBSP;

March 28, 2022

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