Hualin Service Team: held the fourth council meeting for 2017-2018

Hualin Service Team: held the fourth council meeting for 2017-2018

On August 5, 2017, theheld怎么读的 fmeetingyou是什么意思ourth council meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Hualinfourthly Seteambitionrvice For 2017-2018 was held in Shangshuteamproi Garden, Jihua Street, Longgang District. More than 10 people attended the meeting, including Wang Daservice的名词oming, chairman ofservicebio Shenzhen Lions Club district 17 and Dong Xiuling, leader of Hualin Servteambitionice Team. The meeting was chservicebioaired by Dong Xiuling.

The meeting mainly discussed the preparatory work for the 2017-2018 inaugural ceremony of the service team and thuphelde organization and planning, activity integration and fund raising of the public welfare activities of the 2017 Han ‘er Independent Living Summer camp. Inauguration dao-ming wang cteamworkhairman, said the annual change of shenyang service is important to have, want the lion friends continue to carrheld英语怎么读y forward the unity, wisdom, innovation, dedication, will shift inauguration andmeetingtencentcom silly son of independent living camp perfec华凌t comeeting的音标mbinatiofourth是什么意思n of public welfare activities to promote equality fmeeting的音标or the disabled to participate in social development and fusion, let lion friends feel the power of the public service, Arouse the passion oheldf lions club for public service and enhance the social influence of lions Club.

After the meeting, wcouncilore took a group photo. Later, thuphelde participating council members wteamproent to Phoenheldenix City, Piteam是什么意思翻译nghu Street, Longgang District to attend the second council meeting of Mileage Service Team. They discussed with the directors of Milheld的中文意思eage Service team on issues such as supportive employment for the disabled, development of social enterprises and joint pubteambitionlic welfare activities, and reached a preliminary consensus on coopercouncilman小体ation.

Article/photo Contributed by Hualin Service Team

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