Qianhai Service Team: held the first regular meeting of 2017-2018

Qianhai Service Team: held the first regular meeting of 2017-2018

On August 4, 2017, the first regular meeting of 2017-2018 of Shenzhen Lionregular是什么意思英语s Service Team was successfully held in Yujin Xuanliangji Business Houmeeting造句se, Nteamsanshan District. Shenzhen lion brand semeetingyou是什么意思rvice, exfirstlyecutive chairman of committee from 2017 to 2018, a former sea service by the pservice是什么意思revious captain fan ouyang, former sea service first vmeeting翻译ice captain chun-mei潜海季兑换图 Yang, former captain xu-serviceabledongfirstname填姓还是名 zou, Tang Shihuang, set technology, higteamh character and Xie Yongli, financial secretary Zou Caiupheld seedlings, genemeetingsral Luo Liangwen, sergeants-at-arms Kang Ziqing HongHuiLing, director of the 14 people present at the meeting. Tmeeting是什么意思he meeting was chaired by Yang Chheldbackunmei.

The meeting diservice是什么意思scussed and implemfirst音标ented the collection of qianhai Service members’ dues, the implementation of service activities and the postteams手机版ponement of thserviceablee inteamworkauguration ceremony of the new term.regularity

Because of thheld是hold的什么形式e qianhai service team captain Huang Yuanxiong physical reasons, Yang Chunmei first vice captain will temporarily take the task of coordinating the qianhai service team work, Ouyang Fameetingn chairman will also fully assist Yang Chunmei’sheld是hold的什么形式 work. Yang Chunmei, first vice captain, thmeeting的音标anked all council memberegular反义词rs and lion friendservices for their support.

Photo by Ouyang Fan

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