Shenzhen Lions Club held the first working meeting of the Lions Fund Management Committee in 2015-2016

Shenzhen Lions Club held the first working meeting of the Lions Fund Management Committee in 2015-2016

          On October 17, 2015, the first working meeting of the Chclubmaninese Lion Fund Management Committee of thfirst怎么读英语e Chinese Lion Association organized by Shenzhen Lions Club was held in No.1 S深圳天气ilver Lake. You Hong, President of China Lions Associatimeetingtencentcomon; Lei Jianwei, Su Zeran and Liu Lianteng, Vice Presidents; Zhang Guojun, Clions的音标halions读音irman of China Lions Foundation; Liu Jing, Secretary General; Xiao Xingping, Chief Financial Officer; Lin Tao, President of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2015-2016; Lin Ziyclub是什么酒u, Vice Chairman of Cheld中文hina Lions Foundation and last President of Shenzhemeeting的音标n Lions Club; shi Jianyong, first Vimanagement中文ce President; The lion fund secretar深圳天气y General Gao Zhou, Executive deputy secretary General Gao Xiaolong, deputy secretary General Tian Wangxing, member Cao Yan and from 10 regions of the lion fund management committee members attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Lin Ziyu深圳, Feng Jichao and Sun Lei respectively.






  &nbspfirstname填姓还是名;       At the meeting, Lfundraisingin Tao, on behalf of shenzhen Lions Club, extended a warm welcome to tmeeting是什么意思he lions from all over China. She reviewed the cooperation between Shenzhen Lions Club and China Lions Foundation and said thatfirstly Shenzhen Liolions的音标ns Club will pfund翻译articipate in the independent registration of China Lions Foundmeeting是什么中文意思ation as a co-sponsor.


    &nbspfundraiser;     Zhmanagement怎么读音ang Guojun emeeting怎么读英语xplained the 2015-2016 work plan of The China Lion Foundation, includinglions读音: implemeheld怎么读的nting the independent registration of the China Lion Fo深圳地铁线路图unmeetingtencentcomdation深圳市最新疫情, realizing the new model of “Y era,meeting E-pay”; Fulfill the main functions of the former Zhongshi Fclubsund, standardize tclub是什么意思he raising a深证指数nd use management of the servifund翻译ce funds of the Association; To coordinate the work of the Association and its mclubember management bodies with the Lions Club International Foundation. He said that this year will complete the original fund raising worfirst namek of 20 million yuan for the Lion Public Welfare Foundation, and mobilizlionsgatee lion fclubmanriends across the counmeetingyou是什么意思try to pledge 700 Lion awards and 1,000 Maowen Zhongshi awards. He also introduced the main system and working rules of the China Lion Fund, such as The Management Measures on Raising and Using funds for the China深圳天气 Lion Fun深圳d Service, the Working Rules of thclub翻译e China Lion Fund Fund-raising Committee and the Working Rules of the China Lion Fund Project Steering Committee.
         held中文 In lion fund tlions翻译中文akasu secretary-gelions的音标neral introduces the basic sitlions怎么读uation, the limanagement翻译ons clubs international foundation funding projects and the content of the qualifications anmanagement的动词形式d contributions incentive mechanism, at the same time, he hopes to alions怎么读pply to the lions clclubmedubs international foundation for funding of member management institutions to complete the project summary report as soon as possible, lest affect domestic regional fclubmedollow-up funding applications.
          Gao also introduced the organization structure anclubmedd development ideas of the China Lion Fund, the typeheld中文s and commendation methods of the China Lion Award, and thfirst青年电影展e fund-raising activities, management and use of the China Lion Fund. He said that in principle, 80 percent of the non-directed donation funds will be used to support service activities in various regions. He hclub怎么读oped that the member management organizatifirsthandons that have already pledged the Lion award could apply for financial support from the Lion Foundation for service activities in various places.


          Gao Xiaolonmanagement专业g, executive deputy secretary general of China Lion Foundation, introduced the foundation Laying Plan foclub用英语怎么说r the Thousand Peoclubmanple of China Lion Foundation. He said that in orclub怎么读der to encourage lion friends to actively pledge the olions英语怎么读riginal funds of the Lion Public Welfare Foundation, the federation has fofirst翻译rmulated the following coclub怎么读mlionsmendation methods: 1. Donors who donate more than 100,000 yuan (including 100,000 yuan) of original funds to the Foundation shall be the flions的音标ounders of the Foundation. In addition to receiving correspondinclubg rewards in accordance with the Management Measures of the “Lion Award” of the Chinese Lion Association, they shall also be awardedfundraiser the Founder’s medal, lapel and certificate. 2. Donors who donate more than 20,000 yuan (including 20,000 yuan) and less than 100,000 yuan of original funds to the Foundation are founders of the Foundation. In addition to receiving corresponding awards according to the Management Measuremeeting是什么意思s for “Lion Award” of The Chinese Lion Association, eachworking of them will also be awarded a foun深圳市最新疫情dation Founder’s medal, collar badge and certificate. The founder’s name, photo and founder’s name will be permanently engraved onmeeting是什么意思中文翻译 the cultural wall.


          You Honlion是什么意思g, presimeeting腾讯会议dent of lions Association of China, Lei Jianwei, Su Zeran, Liu Lianteng, vice president of Lions Foundation, and Zhang Guojun, chairman of Lions Foundation presented certificates of appointmheld的意思是什么ent to members of Lions Foundation Management Committefunde and coordinator of Lions Foundati深圳on International respectively.




          Representatives of member governi深圳ng bodies remanagement游戏ported the number of lion and Mervyn awards planned to be raised this year respectively.
          Lei Jianwei, Su Zeran, Liu Lianteng, Secretary Gfirstlyeneral Liu Jing, and Xiao Xingping, Chief Financial Officer ofmanagement the Associameetingyou是什么意思tion respectively made suglionsgategestions and suggest深圳地铁线路图ions on the development of China Lion Fund and placed high hopes on the development of the fund.
          On behalf of the Chinese Lion Association, You Hong, president of the Chinese Lion Foundation, thanmanagement是什么意思英语ked the preparatfirst翻译成中文ory team for their harclubsd work and affirmed the achievements of the Chinese Lion Foundation Management Committee. , she said, as an important part of cib one bmanagement中文ody two wings “, responsible for lion fund raising management ffundamental翻译ederation service funds, plug in the wings, it深圳天气 is member ofirst怎么读英语f union development paves the way for the orgmanagement什么意思anization construction of the ci, she hopes the lion fund management committee mustlion是什么意思中文翻译 steadily push forward the lions, the preparaticlub是什么酒on oflion是什么意思 public funds, create, and at the same time, in the深圳疫情最新消息 development process should pay attention to specifmeeting的音标ication, Strengthen relevant business training.
        &nmeetingyou是什么意思bsp; In her concluding remarks, Zhang guojun expressed her gratitude to the lions wfundingho came from afar to attend the conference and to shenzhen Lions Club for hosting the conference. He also said that the establismanagement翻译hment of the Lion Foulion是什么意思中文翻译ndation is an important milestone in the development history of the Lion Association in China. The construction of the fund is not only to raise funds, but als深圳疫情最新消息o to build a cohesive team. He hoped that participants would report the spirit of the cfundedonference to the presidents/chairpersons of the member governing bodies and actively promote the dofund什么意思natclub怎么读ion work of the Lion Award and The Maowen Zhongshi Award.
          It is understood that on the evening of 16th, Shenzhen Lions Club held a dinner party at No.1 Silver Lake to wlions读音elcome the lions from the club and other parts of the country. Everyone appreciated and acknowledged the hospitality of Shenzhen Lions Club.




By Su Zhuangbin

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