Shenzhen Lions Club 2016-2017 Annual lion Guide “Every Nine Lions out” training held successfully

Shenzhen Lions Club 2016-2017 Annual lion Guide “Every Nine Lions out” training held successfully

On the afternoon of March 9th, 2017guidebook, the 2016-2017 Lions Guide Training meeting waeverybody是什么意思s successfully held in the big conference room of shenzh深圳疫情最新动态en Lions Club office. More than 2everyone什么意思0 people, including Zheng Yukuan, chairman of the third member management Committee of 2016-2017, Li Feng, chairman of the fifth member Management Commiannual怎么读ttee, Peng Daojian, Lin Xinyue, He Xinru, leader of the lion瑰的拼音 Guide Group Lei Qingming, vannual怎么读ice leader Waclub用英语怎么说ng Cheng, service team leader and lion friends, attended the training meeting. The meeting was presided ovannuallyer by Wang Cheng.

Brother Wang chengshi demonstrated the skills and methods of presentation courseware, and showed th深圳市最新疫情e relelionsgatevant content of courseware, to impart experience for studentevery怎么读s in future teaching. Mr. Lguidelinei feng shi introduced and explained the rules and requiremenguidets of the trainievery是什么意思ng session. In the following training, you can leaeveryone什么意思rn and improve you深圳地铁线路图rself.

Aclubman是什么牌子车fter a clear understanding of the training content and rules, the students went to the stalions是什么意思ge to demonstrate the courselionswareannual的名词 according to the order of drawing lots, and made comments on themselves, each other and sumlion是什么意思中文翻译mary comments. In thlions怎么读is proceeverydayss, students深证指数 not only check themselves, but also checlubsck and urge each other to improannualizedve their ability of lion work.

Li Feng shlions读音i Brother summarized the pre深圳大学sentation of shi friends in his general comments, saying that he was very happy to slionkkee everyone’s progress. In addition to strengthening the familiarity with the courseware, he was very satisfied with all aspects, includin深圳市最新疫情g the display of body language, on-site interaction, eye contact and so on. As for the key points in the courseware demonstreverydayation process, everyone can grasp and start to use, this is a golion的音标od start, I believe that in the near future, eveclub用英语怎么说ryone can confidently stand on the platform, become a qualified guide lion.

Photo by Zhang Xiaoclubmed官网预订hong

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