Riverside, Beihai charity walk

            On May 12, 2011, eight lion friends of Shenzhen Lions Club riverside Service team drove to Beihai early in the morning to parwalkmasterticipate in the donation ceremony and disabled Day activity held in Beihai Special Education School the next day. Beihai Special Education School is one of the key targets of riverside Service team this year. From the inspection in September last year, to the confirmation of the donation of five sets owalking是什么意思f integrated teaching equipment, to the北海 e北海天气quipment installation and debugcharity的内涵意义ging in Marchwalkman this year, all the different lions are enthuwalk翻译siastic participation and hands-on. So although thisriverside怎么读英语 is not big, but also feel a sense oriversidef achievement.


  &nbeihaibsp; &nbspbeihai;       On the mcharity的内涵意义orniwalkingng of 13th, itwalker was raining cats and dogs juswalkingt like when the lions came to school for the first timcharity是什么意思e, but the rain could not stop the enthusiwalksaswalkerm of the lions. Before nine o ‘clowalkmanck, the lion friends arrived at the venue. — Theriverside自行车 children’s sports room. The beautiful princcharity翻译ipals (one and one pair) had already set uriverside500p the meeting place, and the childrecharity是什么意思n (mainly the deaf and dumb who can take care of themselves) had also tawalk翻译ken seats on the small benches earlycharity翻译.
          &n北海人才网bsp; The students presented the flag to gaozhou Lion Brother, and theriverside500 principal and municipal party committee leaders also expressed thwalking是什么意思eir gratitude to the lion friends on behalf of teachers, studenriverside怎么读英语ts and officials.

            Seeing the camera, the cute kids made alwalkl kinds of poses! The little boy rushed to huimin l北海人才网ion sister without warning, Icharity怎么读 do not knriverside是什么意思ow if he will make an att北海道ack, the principal startled, originriverside是什么意思ally, he just curious to see his own camera.北海公园

            After the cerbeihaiemony, lion friends also enthusiastically participated in the children’s garden activities. The sports games北海人才网 donated by Huimin Lion Sister for export to Germany are nriverside是哪个城市ovel and safe, attracting all the children. Everyone’s face is hariversideppy, lion friends also really feel the heart and heart of the distance between suddenly close, the children const北海antly to the lion friends thumbs up, is dumb language & LDquo; Good & throughout; The meaning of. Although the donation amount of lion friends is not large, it can bring the care of the disadv北海天气antaged from the heart, b北海365ut it goes far beyond the money itself.walk是什么意思

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