Charity feast helps Development — Shenzhen International Charity Institute (CGPI) Master class shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held

Charity feast helps Development — Shenzhen International Charity Institute (CGPI) Masterinternational class shenzheinternational英语n Lions Club was successfully held

On May 6th, she深圳市最新疫情nzhen Ininstitute和institution的区别ternational Charity Academy (CGPI) mastecg皮带r class shenzhen Lions Club was held in the Lions Club office of Shenzhen. Shi Jianyong, phelpsu是什么意思resident of Shenzhen Lions Club 2016-201helpsbtodosth造句7, Tian Wangxing, president-elect of 2017-2018, Ma Min, president-elect of First vice Presideninternational怎么读t, Weng Hucharity形容词a, forhelpsbtodo还是doingmer president Xiao Xingping, Zeng Shiyang, Secretary General of 2016-201institute和institution7, Lu Jinshang, Executive Deputy Secrinstitute下载etary General, Zhang Jian, Depdevelopmentuty Secretary General and other coudevelopment造句简单带翻译ncil members, incoming council members, committee chairmen and service teinstitute和college的区别am leaders nearly 50 lion friends participated in the activity. Dr. Eugene R. Temple, founding Dean of the Lilly School of Family Philanthropy at Indiana Uinstitute的名词niversity and Honorary President of the Indiana Universiinstitute翻译ty Foundation, was the keynote speaker. The event was hosted by Zhang Shijun.

Zeng Jing, dean of SHENZHEN International Philantinstitute怎么读hropy College, shared the development history of Shenzhen International Philanthropy College,development是什么意思 introduced the origin of Shenzhen International Philanthropy College and Liodevelopmentns Club, andinternationalcupid expressed the willingness to participate in the public welfare and charity service togefeastingtherdevelopment怎么读英语 with lions Club.

Dr. Temple gave a winternational怎么读onderful speech on the theme of “Global Challenges and International Cooperation”, talkihelpsu怎么读ng about the role and impact of philanthropy from the origin and role of philanthropy, analyzing the challenges facing global philanthropy anhelps意思d global fundraising trendsmasterpiece from the “Giving America” report and the 2016 Million Dollar Donor Report. “Lions: A Global Odevelopment是什么意思verview” was sdevelopment怎么读英语hared from the purpose of studying lions, issues, data, transnational research, etc. Through Dr. Temple’s explanation, lion Club members learned more about the international charity concept and the current situation ofinstitute和institution的区别 lions clubs around the world, which provided important reference for lion Club to carry out service activities and fundraising activities.

, in the interacharity形容词ctive q &a ShiJianYong, Ma Min, XiaoXingPing, zhang ShiJun, Huang Yiqun, xu-fang sun, Zhong Shixiong leaderinternationally歌曲ship lion friendly direction of voluntinstitute的名词eer service and chacharity是什么意思rity fund-raising way, the relationship betweecg平台n nonfeastingprofit organizations and charities, apply to the international foundation for charity such questions, Dr Tempmastercam2017le, given to the explanatiinternational缩写on.

President Shi jianyong expressed his heartfelt thanks tfeast和festival区别o Shenzhen International Charity Academy for opening ahelpsb后面跟什么形式 special lecture for Shenzhen Lions Club and hoped to have the opportundevelopment可数吗ity to cooperate with Shenzhen International Charity Academy for common development. Lion lionmastering friends in shenzhen, he said, are young and in serving others also shoulder the responsibility of enterprise development, hope shenzhen lion friends through ainstitute和academy的区别 master class for a deeper underscharity是什么意思tanding odevelopment怎么读英语f the concept of international public welfare, servhelpsbwithsthice direction, fundraising, etc, to tinstitute和institutionwo or morethings enterprise development and public sfeast是什么意思中文ervice, lion share knowledge with more friends, make positive contribuhelpsbwithsth造句tions to the development of the lion. On behalf of shenzhen Lions Club, President Shi Jianyong presented gifts to Dr. Temple and the representativehelpsbtodo还是doings of the Internatiocg皮带是什么牌子nal Charity Institute.

【 Thelpsbwithsth是什么意思中文ext 】 Su Zhuangbin

[Photo] Lin Zeyun

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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