Shenzhen Lions Club low vision rehabilitation system held a regular meeting in December

          Shenzhen Lions Club low vision rehabilitation system held a regular meeting in December

            On the afternoon of December 13, 2011, the December regular meeting of shenzhen Lions Club low vision Rehabilitation System was held in the 201 Office of Shenzhen University Schoolvision翻译 of Medicine. Xiao Xingping, chairmalions英语怎么读n of shenzhen Lions Club’s low vision Rehalions读音bilitation System project and former director深圳疫情最新消息 of Shenzhen Lions Club, Zhang Xiaowei, secretary general of Shenzhen Lions深圳 Club anlions英语怎么说d member of the project leadership Committee, Liaclub怎么读ng Ping, project manager and techheld的原型nical director, prrehabilitation翻译ofessor of Shenzhen University, tong Xin, executive director and chairmavisionn of Shenzhen Lions Clubrehabilitation‘s Blindness Prevention and Assistance Committee attended the meetsysteming.

            At the深圳地铁线路图 meetisystem32ng, liang Ping, the project maheld是hold的什么形式nager and teclub用英语怎么说chnical directorregular什么意思, and Xia Hefei, the therapist, reported their training in the United States and analyzed the similarities and differences between the modclubes of lheld怎么读的ow vissystematicion rehabregular什么意思ilitation at homlow的比较级e and abroad. The financial status ansystem是什么程序d work progress of the projlower什么意思中文ect as of December were reported, and thvisionbanke recent work arrangelowe玻璃ments werelionsgate determined.

            The meeting decided to complete the decoration, office and medical eqclub是什么酒uipment configuration of the clisystem怎么读nic and trclubmanaisystem32可以删除吗ning places set up isystem32n eachvision什么牌子 hospital by the end of December, and coordinate with each hospital to complete the listing and trlionsaining. The project management team is scheduled to visilowestt and communicate with The Hong Kong Society for the Blind in the near future to learn thlowe management and operation mode of the organization.

            Shenzhen Lions Club Low Vision Reharegularly意思中文翻译bilitation System projlions翻译ect was officially launched on August 30, 2011 after being approved and funded by Lions Club International in Aprilionsgatel 2011. The launsystem32ching ceremony of Shenzhen Lions Clheldub Low vision Rehabilheldiheld是hold的什么形式tation System project was held on October 9, 2lions英语怎么说011 World Vision Day. The openiclubmanng ceremony was attend深圳市最新疫情ed by more than 100 guests, includinlow-e玻璃是什么意思g Mr. Tam Wing-kun, president of the International Board of Directors. Currently, the project has completed the inhelditial implementation objectives of capital construction (including site and equipment) on schedule acregular的名词csystemording to the imvision什么意思plemvision怎么读entation plan. It is plaregular什么意思nned to carry out further work such asheld的原型 personnel training, three-level network construction, low-visiovisionpro是什么软件n service development and evaluation system establishment.

By Chen Lao-ylow怎么读i

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