Zimeng Service Team: Hold the second captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2021-2022

On August 7, 2021, the second captain team meeting and regular meeting of zimeng Service Team of Shenzhen Lio梓萌ns association in 2021-2022 was held on the firshold键是什么功能t floor of Meilin Meilin Hotel, Futian District. Zi Meng servicecaptain team leader Li Hui (Yu Tong), last captain Bao Renjie, first vice captain Xie Mihold过去式ngfa, second vice captain Zhang Yan, third vice captain Luo Huijuan, secretary Zhou Yimei, Financial Huang Zhaoyi, General affairs Wasecondaryng Taohcaptain泰国演员ong, picket Zhuo WeiEtc.Twenty-two people attended the meeting. The conference was chaired by Mr Cheng szecaptain泰国演员-man and Chairregular的所有形式ed bycaptain翻译 Mrs Chow Yimei.

A group photo. JPG

Liu Derong, commissant of care, summed up the advantages and disadvantages of the changing of the leadership ceremony by the etiquettservice是什么意思中文翻译e group, material group, field control group, financial group, audio control group, etc., and suggested to improve the se字孟德ating arrangemteam什么意思ent and related details of the recognition activities in the ceremony.

Meetings to discuss problems within the child receive service syteams会议stem, including紫梦幽龙作品集 service member management system, the captain of the team meeting and meeting management system, financial management system, jointsecond的基数词 service standard, passed the child receive service care from 2meeting是什么意思02service是什么意思1 to 2022 the lion are friends and action plan, deteserviceablermine the peace ceremony of the posters and last year's award scheme, They also decidehold不住d to organize a "Save Your Life" event at Sservice翻译kyworth izimengn Shenzhregularityen on August 21 and a caring event for tmeeting是什么意思中文翻译he disabled around the 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival.

At the esecondlove日剧nd of the regular meeting, the chairman字梦得 of cheng sze man organized a big potted vegetabregularle dinner for chow Yimei, Lei Tao, Xie Ming fa, Fong Na and Lin Yin, who celebrated their birthday in August. All the lion friends and gue字梦得sts had a happy time.


Article/photo & have spent Contributed by Zimeng Service Team

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