Hua-han Service Team: Hold the second regular meeting and general meeting of the term change of 2021-2022

On August 9, 2021, the second regular meeting and concluding meeting of the year 2021-2022servicebio of Shenhold是什么意思zhen Lions Club Huahan Service Tgeneralizationeam was held in the conference room of Shenzhen Edelong Construction Machinery Co., LTD., Fuyong Street, Bao ‘an District. Chinese and Han service team captain Gao Rui, last csecondscreen下载aptaiserviceablen Yang Chunzhao, former captain Liao Wenxi, first vice captain Yang Yang, second vice captain Xu Jinghua, third vice captain Huang Yuanming and other 13 people attendedregular的所有形式 the meeting. The meetinsecond的基数词g was chholderairesecond缩写d by Mr. Gurry.

Regular meeting scenario 01.jpg

Yahold是什么意思ng Cmeetingshunzhao, the former team leader, recalled that although last year was a year of epteamsidemicregular的名词, the Hua-han Serviceregular翻译 team did not stop its public servi韩国漫画漫免费观看免费ce activities, and the serviholdce team grew杭州天气 healtservice和serve的区别hily. On the wholeteamo, the inauguration ceremony was veryhold过去式 successful. District council members, supervis韩国电影ors and other韩国漫画漫免费观看免费 leameetingtencentcomders were present to congratularegular反义词te huahan Service team. They attached great importance to Huahan Service team and encservicebioouraged it to take more responsibilities.

Liao wenxi thanked Yang Chunzhao for bringing the team to a higher level, and said that the inaugurati华为将和苹果三星谈判on ceremony was a satisfactory answer for the team’s work in the previous yeateamsr. He suggested that the deficiencies should be recordsecondlyed in time for better improvement.

Yahold是什么意思ng Yang, the first vice captain, said that the preparatory work of the inauggeneralize是什么意思ural ceremony was thorough, and all the lion frienhold翻译ds of Hua-Han Service team were able to spare time to participate in the cer邯郸疫情emony.

Xu Jinghua, the sehuacond vice caserviceableptain, mentioned that all the brothers and sisters took the initiativegeneralbutch to pay, which reflected the solidarity and responsibility of Chinese and Han people. In the face of temporary changes on the scene, everyone made urgent adjustments and cservicebioomeeting怎么读英语operated with each other. Xu Jinghua, the second vice captain, proposed thsecond的基数词at the next transition should be controlled in three processes.

Huang Yuanming, the third vice captain, said that the Chinese Service team embodied the sphold onirit of the Chinese and Chineseservice, and could not hold the event successfully without everyone’s support and dedication. He suggested further refinement in the process.

Every lion friend present shared, and other lion brothers and sist韩三千苏迎夏最新章节ers also actively and candidlygeneralization ehold不住xpressed their strengths and weaknesses during the tra华晨宇nsition ceremony.

Captain Grui made a concluding speech, and we did a very good job in the presentation of this transition activity. Although there were some unexpected situations, such as the president’s physical discomfort, changes and aservice的名词djustmsecondhandents to the on-site process, everyone took the ihuaniservicetiative to take responsibility and focused on the co黄芪mplhold的过去式和过去分词etion of the ceremony proceservice怎么读ss, and finally acmeetingshieved good results. As for the shortcomings, lessons should begeneralize是什么意思 learned, and improvements should be made in the follow-up service activities and the next transition activities, and strive to do better.

In the past year, Yang Chunzhao, the former team leader, has been forging ahead on thhold是什么意思e road of public welfare. In tregularhe next yearservice和serve的区别, Captain Gao Rui will l寒门崛起ead The Team to achieve further glory as always.


Article/photo & haservice是什么意思中文翻译ve spent China Han Service team contriteamobuted

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