High-tech service team: Hold a regular meeting in October

High-tech service team: Hold a regular meeting in October

        &nbteamviewersp; &nbsmeetingsp; On October 21meeting是什么意思中文翻译st, shenzhen Lions Club High-tech Service Team held a regular meeting foroctober的缩写 October. Liholdn Tao, the first vi特长ce President of shenzhen Lions Club 2014-2015, Huang Xin, executive chaioctober手表rman of Lions Club Caring Ctechnicianommittee and more than 10 lionsregularly club members attended the meeting. At the meeting, Shenzhen Lions club gave money to the two lions in the high-tech service team and celebroctober中文什么意思ated their birthday in October.
        &holdernbsp;   High-tech service team Chen Qunhao’s mregularlyotheholderr passed away, and on October 25highway funeral; Liang Hongjie was hospholderitalized because of illness. After hearing the situation, Huang Xin, chairman of shenzhen Lions Club lion friends Care Cregular是什么意思英语ommitteholdinge, made a special trip to parmeeting翻译ticipate in this aservicemanctmeeting是什么意思ivity, aservice怎么读nd on behalf ooctober的缩写f Shenzhen Lions Club sympathy to them, respectively to the two lion friends care money. The high-techmeeting的音标 service team lion friends also sent a silk gold to Chen Qunhao’s mother to show their appreciation.
&noctober的缩写bsp;     &nbsteamworkp;     At the regular meeting, lion friends sent birthday wishtechnoes to Liang Hongjie, Deng Yi, Li Jiawen and Wu Qi who were born in October.
            The lionhold过去式 friehold的过去式和过去分词nds of the High-tech Service team expressedregular反义词 their gratitude to Huang Xin, theteamviewer exechold的过去形式utive chairman of the Lion Friends Care Commioctober用英语怎么说ttee, for his care of the service team. The lion Friends Care Committee’s timely work made us deeply feel the care from Shenzhen Lions Club and feel the warmth of a big family.

By Li Honghightjin

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