Zhenhua Service Team: Held the ninth regular meeting of 2019-2020

On March 22, 2020, the 9th regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Zhenhua Service Club 2019-2020 was held via remote video. Zhenhua service team captaheldbackin to Yanjing, last captain Ding Qingshaheld的意思是什么ng, first vice captain Liu Haiqing, second vice captain Zhang Junchang, team leader Dong Hregularly意思中文翻译aoqing, foservicemanrmer captain Liu Zuohua, secreservice是什么意思tary Liao and Hui, picket Yang Jie, general affairs qian Ruoyi and other 18 people attended the meeting. Mr. Zhao Hui, chairman of The 9th District of Shenzhen Lions Club, and Mr. Wei Demin, director of zhenhua Service Team, were present at the meupheldeting. The meeting was chaired by Tung Ho-chiregular的名词ng.

The president of the conference delivered a welcome speeregular反义词ch to Yanjing, thanking the lion friends for their support to the regular meeting, honinth的基数词ping that everyone could pay attention to safety during the epidemic, and wish the lion friends’ enterprises could resume woteam什么意思rk and production as soon as possible.

Liu Haiqing, firstteam Vice Captain of Zhenhua Service Team, led the 2020-2021 team members to greet you and c甄嬛传on朕怀了摄政王的崽gratulate the new team members who were elected.

          Later, Dong Hao, the leader of the team, briefed the routine servicmeetingse activities in Wuhua Mountain area ofservice是什么故障灯 Mmeetingtencentcomeizhou, saying that he would give training leninth的基数词ctures to teachers and writers as soon as the epidemic ended, and continue to carry out the team’s brand service project “Little hands holding littleregular的所有形式 hands, Read a Bmeetingtencentcomooninthmonth是什么意思k together” series of public welfare education activities. At the same time, he introduced the progress of xinjiang student airegular翻译d program in August.

          Wei Demin, Liu Zuohua, Ding Qingshang, Chen Boyi, Lin Chunsheng and other lion friends spokhelde resregular是什么意思英语pectively.

          In the end, zhao Hui, chairman ofregular翻译 dis甄嬛trict 9, greeted all lion friends, briefed them on the recent work arrangements of district council, and wished everyone to resume normal production and life as soon as possible.


Article/photo & havninth什么意思e spent Dong Haoqing

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